Friday, September 23, 2016

Essie Polish Favorites: Reds for Autumn

essie nail polish, fall red nail polish, wicked, forever yummy, shearling darling, bahama mama
Essie nail varnishes (left to right): Wicked, Shearling Darling, Bahama Mama, Forever Yummy.

I love a good red nail polish.  If it looks like a blackened, bruised, or bloody red, I'm in.  The bloodier looking, the better.  There's a beauty in colors that are rooted in nature.  Now that fall's just around the corner, I have an excuse to break out my deepest, darkest reds that have waited patiently in my bin of nail varnishes. 

Just kidding!  Let's get real: I wear dark reds all year round, even when it's not "fashionable" to do so.  I'm a fan of wearing the darkest things I can find until the scorching heat of California summer makes it unbearable to cover myself in head-to-toe black.  In a perfect world, I'm a vampire who lives out all of my inner Goth kid aspirations.  Since vampires aren't real, I'll have to settle for vampy (see what I did there?) nail varnish instead.  Here are a few of my favorites from Essie!

Wicked.  A blackened red jelly.  Polishes of this color always have slightly patchy application.  Takes about three coats for complete opacity.  I wear two coats for laziness.  Good for birthday parties or gatherings where you want to emanate cheerfulness.

Shearling Darling.  A deep red creme that leans very brown.  Goes great with a heavy sweater and a pumpkin spice latte.

Bahama Mama.  A creme that is more fucshia and berry.  The color that can't decide whether it wants to be purple or primary red.  Good for when one's only feeling 70% vampire that week.

Forever Yummy.  A classic red creme that's close to Chanel's Dragon polish but at about 1/3 of the price.  I own both and wish I'd never spent my money at Chanel.  Looks a little bit like Christmas on the fingertips.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday #22: Paint

It's a sleepy sort of Sunday today, brought to you with this photograph from my front porch.  The light outside was just perfect one day and I photographed the first object I saw.  Now, on with the post!

FITGAINS.  I managed to get my butt to the gym five times this week which hasn't happened in month!  It's easier to keep going once I build up the momentum, but the activation barrier to exercise is still high.  I've found some positive ways to motivate myself to work out; I'll be sharing them soon!

STRANGER THINGS.  Have you watched Stranger Things?  No?  Get on it!  My boyfriend and I finished it this week and it absolutely lives up to the hype.  Fantastic imagery, cinematography, and acting (except when Winona Ryder's character is supposed to be sobbing, but THERE ARE NO TEARS ON HER FACE). 

MEETUP.  Liz brought me as her plus one to a drawing Meetup where artists in the are gather to draw.  It was nice to meet people outside of the academic bubble that we both work in.  I also realized that, despite having a lot of interests, the activation barrier to do them is still pretty high.  Having a dedicated place and time to draw means I actually did it.  I was also really inspired by the other artists I met.  It also highlighted my own creative limits; I need to expand outside of realism and portraiture, even if I love drawing people.

Works in progress.

PAINTING.  I went to an informal paint night on campus and touched brush to canvas for the first time in about ten years.  On the right is my dabbling on paint night.  Afterwards, I decided to buy myself some paints, brushes, and canvases.  On the left is a painting I started with my new materials.  Painting seems a lot harder than I remembered it.  It may be because I'm older and far more critical.  Creative goal: to write, paint, and draw with the reckless abandon I had in my teenage years.  Gosh, do I sound old.


•  Deasy's blog: fantastic aesthetic and photography.
•  Kandice did great work on photographing her friend Lemon.  Love her vintage, old-film aesthetic.
•  The zibaldone was the 13th century version diary and scrapbook.  Pretty good inspiration for how to fill Moleskines. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Blooms of September

Autumn is a week away, but there are still flowers in full bloom here.  The pink flowers are on the way to the university.  The white ones line the hedge that separates my driveway from that of my neighbor's.  I shot these on the 50 mm lens attached to my camera which I have begun to carry around again.  These photographs are a reminder that beauty exists in the every day, if I only stop for a moment to look for it.