21 October 2016

Inorganic Chemist In Repose

There are some people who inspire you to grab your camera.  My roommate/friend/bass-player/fellow scientist Trevor is one of those people.  On many occasions, our household will be gathered in the living room doing some manner of activities when I yelp, "HOLD IT, TREVOR" and scramble up the stairs to grab my DSLR.

I can boil this down to two things: he is one of the most photogenic people I know and/or the least likely to make a fuss when the camera is around.  All my housemates are photogenic people.  Alas, they don't all like having a camera thrust in their faces and under direction that sounds like so: 

"Stop smiling!"  "Can you just look sad for a moment?"  "Just pretend I'm not here because you tense up and make weird faces." 

And so on and so forth.  Luckily, Trevor's a tolerantly good sport because anyone else might've said, "Whatever, I'm done.  BYE, FELICIA." Since he hasn't BYE FELICIA-ed me yet, I've produced these photographs which now require an artistic title.  So, here goes:

Inorganic Chemist In Repose.  The Creator of Bonds.  A Manipulator of Atoms . . . And A Beer.  The Man on a Stool. 

I think I'm really on to something here, folks. 

16 October 2016

Sunday #24: Lumière & Lens Turns One

Hi, y'all!  Here's a shot of my mug since this blog doesn't actually see much of my face.  I wanted to take some new shots for the blog and it was a challenge.  I'd say 90% of my shots today were either a) RBF, b) herp derp, or c) out of focus.  Apparently, I really like looking down and to the side.  Retouching was kept to a bare minimum even though there's things I want to fix.  However, flaws and all, this has to be an honest representation of yours truly.

ONE.  Somehow, without my knowing it, the one year anniversary of Lumière & Lens sneaked up on me!  The true anniversary of this blog was actually on September 13 so technically, it's 1.09 years old.  The blog has gone through a rebrand, helped me develop my photography, and given me a platform to write about things I love.  My main goal for Lumière & Lens was only to have a personal space to write and post photographs to my heart's desire.  An online diary, if you will.  That it gets any engagement at all is a wonderful bonus.  In a year's time, it has grown a humble readership and I am incredibly appreciative.  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read, comment, and engage with me on social media!  

PERMIT.  I got my learner's permit this past week after my old one expired over a year ago.  I'm way past the age that most people get licenses.  My entire life has been spent in cities so I never had need to learn to drive before.  To be honest, I dislike cars since I get motion sickness, but this is something I'll just have to get done. 

BELOW ZERO.  I try my best to keep negativity on this blog to a minimum.  I want Lumière & Lens to be a repository of positive things and an outlet away from more high stress situations so I tend not to talk about things I'm going through.  Unfortunately, as much as blogs and other online platforms open up the dialogue, there's still a stigma against talking about mental health.  Discrimination and judgment is still a very big problem. If I can figure out a way to articulate myself well, I want to contribute to the conversation in the future.

OIL.  I'm ending this Sunday with an at home screening of There Will Be Blood with my roommates/friends.  It's been a pseudo-relaxing weekend so far.  Back to the grind on Monday.


• Dani wrote about the experience of being a foreigner and otherness.  Though this written from a European perspective, it resonated with me and I think it's an important conversation to have. 
• Michelle encapsulates a lot of familiarity when she talks about growing out of friendships.  Life's too short to spend time with people who you don't feel good around.

13 October 2016

The Girl Who Climbs

Meet Veronica (@vinyasaraptor): yoga instructor, rock climber, and all around strong-as-heck woman.  She is the sister of my other half and when she came to visit us in California, we took her to Joshua Tree.  I'm always in search of new photographic subjects and the rocks out in the wilderness were the perfect backdrop.  Veronica was kind enough to humor my dreams to be a Serious Photographer and played model while we explored the desert.

Joshua Tree is popular with climbers because there are so many rocks to scale.  Headstone Rock was right by our campsite so we went exploring there first.  One of my favorite pictures is when Veronica ascends toward the sky between a narrow chamber of rocks.  It looks as if she's climbing towards the heavens, doesn't it?

There is a popular rock at Keyes Point which overlooks Coachella Valley and Palm Springs that people like to take photographs atop.  Naturally, here's a picture of her pulling off bakasana on a peak that's sided with steep descents.  #GOALS.  Anyone else want to try this on a mountain?