Jupiter's Moon

When I finished graduate school last year and decided to continue pursuing science full-time, some people were confused.  "I thought you wanted to do photography."  "Weren't you going to be a photographer?"  A woman can do both.  Whilst I was doing small gigs in Pasadena, I haven't heavily pursued photography out in Seattle.  The most photography I did was in November, where I did a "creative" shoot (I ask you to collaborate) and two "work" gigs, where my services were requested.

I've learned something during this process.  I work best when I am doing photography as a hobby.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy all my photoshoots, because I do, and each one brings a new challenge for me.  However, the photoshoots I am most excited to edit are the ones where I've sought out the model, to create freely without a set assignment or restrictions in mind.  These are the shoots that light a fire under me, that have me editing for hours immediately afterwards (I zone into the work completely!).  What this tells me is that I'd rather keep my photography as a hobby and not as a job.  I'll do the odd gig here and there, but I don't ever want this to feel like work.  Does anyone else feel like this?

Soliloquy aside . . . let me bring your attention to today's post!  This is one of several photoshoots I've done with Jupiter's moon, AKA Io.  I've worked with her before and she is genuinely one of my favorite models with whom to collaborate.  We typically pick a location and just go with the flow.  I never really "finish" editing all the frames from a day either because there are SO. MANY. useable shots.  Here are a few of my favorite edits from the last shoot!  If you're curious, the locations in Seattle we used were random streets in Capitol Hill and Volunteer Park.  Maybe a front stoop here and there . . .

Moving forward, I think I want to keep doing more of these portrait/fashion/lifestyle (?) kind of shoots.  It's tough for me to label; I like to think that I focus more on capturing the person than trying to sell "fashion" or "lifestyle" moments.  Things I want to work on in the future: incorporating more body length shots into my frames, changing up my style of editing, and seeking out different models.  I think I've gotten very comfortable in my editing process and need to change things up.  Life begins outside of your comfort zone, right?  Right!


Sunday #72: Hello, January

Saturday morning start in a calm coffee shop.

Check it out, friends!  It's the first post of 2019! I don't know about you, but the first few weeks of 2019 have been pretty action packed.  I came back from the East Coast to start work on January 2nd and it's a full swing at the lab.  I can't quite complain; I always think having a lot to do is better than to sit idly.  Moving along . . . 


"New year, new me" is the mantra of most people come January.  New year, same old me, but hoping to make improvements.  As I get older, I find that I more actively seek joy, laughter, and meaningful friendships.  The less drama the better.  Is that a sign of getting old?  I'm mostly interested in quiet, calm spaces and quality time.  One thing I've really reflected on is the amount and depth of female friendships that I have.  Whether it's through FaceTime, phone calls, Gchat, or in person, I really appreciate the amount of strong, inspiring women I'm privileged to be friends with.

This weekend has been particularly packed for me (socially, at least) -- I've caught up with a good friend from Pasadena, saw my friend Ellen who I haven't seen in years (she dropped into Seattle!), and tonight, I'm hosting a girl's dinner with some amazing women I met through work.  We're going to do a pot luck.  I'll be making linguine with Brussels sprouts, pancetta, white wine, and lots of Parmesan cheese.  Apparently, all I know how to make are pasta dishes!


I've managed to stay fairly consistent with exercise so far this year.  I'm still managing my goals of minimum 5X of exercise a week.  I'm thinking of doing a post on my fitness routine.  Anyone interested?  This year, I want to incorporate more high intensity interval training (HIIT) into my routines so I can burn fat.  Apparently, there's a binary switch that's flipped when you turn 30 and your metabolism slows way down while storing as much fat as possible in the midsection!  Currently, I'm alternating between days of cardio and heavy weight lifting.  Rather than focusing on pure aesthetics, I want to improve my strength, endurance, and mobility.   I can eat better, too, but let's be real here!  I don't exercise so much to only eat salads.  Your girl loves ramen, pasta, and croissants.  I always say that I'd rather have a bit of belly than turn down delicious food.


I haven't done any photoshoots yet this year, but I did wrap up the edits for these two gigs this January.  I'll be doing full posts of them soon, but here are two previews.  Something I want to work on this year is editing to make pictures look more refined and professional.  I think I always edit the same way and I need to challenge myself in terms of aesthetics.  I currently have a photoshoot planned at the end of this month.  As for the future?  I'll need to put myself out there more.

It's almost 4:30 PM here in Seattle, so I'm going to sign off.  I have to start preparing ingredients to make dinner because my guests will arrive soon!  Hope you're all having a great Sunday.  Tell me what you've gotten up to this weekend in the comments?


•  Ellen started a baking challenge this year!  Follow The Great Graduate Bake-off.
•  I've been following Torrie on Instagram for awhile and added her blog to my reading list.
•  Michelle's 2019 bullet journal set up.  I love looking at bullet journals!


Looking Towards 2019

Happy New Year's Eve!  We round out another year in our lives and on this blog.  The year of 2018 was a lot of ups and downs.  I got my PhD, moved across state lines, rented an apartment of my own, and started working in Seattle.  I'm a long distance from family, friends I met from graduate school, and there's definitely a lot more to be considered on my plate.  However, I made a lot of new, wonderful friendships in Seattle, too, and came to more deeply appreciate the relationships I have.

As we look towards 2019, towards a new year on the horizon, I want to strive to be better.  Every year, I make resolutions, and like the rest of the world, I'm sort of "meh" about keeping them.  However, I was most successful in 2018 with my fitness resolution: I now work out 5 to 6X a week when I'm in town!  For this year, I want to hang on to that and make other improvements.  I think most people make similar ones each year, but new year, new me?

Here goes . . .

1.  Be more mindful.  I want to live more mindfully whether it comes to how I eat, how I speak, and how I spend my money.  Rather than GO. GO. GO., I want to slow down and think more before I do things, to be more cognizant of actions and effects, and to be present in every moment.  Less impulse, more meditation on decisions.

2.  Cultivate positivity.  I want to also focus on actionable ways to address the negatives in my life.  I may not be able to control situations, but I can choose how I respond to them.  I've started a Diary of Positivity in my new bullet journal for the year to document positive highlights from each day.  Cultivating means more than responding to negative situations.  I want to be more mindful and appreciate my blessings.

3.  Work smarter, not longer.  I want to be more efficient in my tasks and at work.  Longer hours don't necessarily correlate to greater productivity.  I want to improve on working better with the time I have available.

4.  Harness my creativity.  I want to photograph, draw, and blog more.  This means reaching out and pitching myself more for photoshoots or opening this space up more frequently to get into the habit of creating regularly.  Also, pick up my dusty guitar and play more.

5.  Read more, both academically and for leisure.  Self-explanatory.

6.  Be kinder.  To others and, most importantly, to myself.

Looking forward to a new year and creating on this space.  What are changes that you would like to make in 2019?