Mar 24, 2019

Sunday #73: Crossroads

Hi, I'm Alyse, and I have a coffee shop + pastry problem.  Ok, really just this one shop because the coffee is freshly roasted every day, I go there so much that I have A Spot, and know all the staff.  Look, we all need our sanctuary spaces and this happens to be mine on the weekends (or weekday mornings occasionally when I want to do computer work).  I swear this is 90% of my feed and stories.  That being said, I haven't done a Sunday post since January, so here goes the catch up!  I think telling y'all I've been busy is kind of a given because there's always something that needs doing.  I'm hunkered down over writing, poring over the literature, and generally looking for different ways to get my projects moving.  Sorry if that's intentionally vague, but hope you understand.  On a more personal end, less full-time work focused end, there's a bit to catch up on!

I.  I've done about four photoshoots in the past month between photographing Taylor, doing my friend's headshots, a Women's Day event at Flywheel Sports in Seattle, and recently, a collaboration with Aiko.  With the exception of Aiko, the shoots were all kind of on the fly.  The Flywheel Sports one was the most challenging because I've never had to shoot in a dark room before and had to push outside of my natural light comfort zone to work with (built-in) flash.  I'm at a crossroads where I'm debating if I should invest in a full-frame camera and start advertising for more paid gigs or to continue this solely as a hobby with the occasional job.  The difficult thing is that this would be entirely freelance and always come second to my full-time job.

II.  I redid my blog layout (again!) and got my photo website back up and running.  One thing I struggle with is the direction I want to take Lumière & Lens.  On the one hand, I write conversationally and love to connect with readers, but on the other, I want to create more curated content.  At the moment, I write these posts like a train-of-thought.  For the future, I'm thinking of a fitness and photography series, but have to figure out how it will fit into the overall theme.  How do I better my "brand"?!

III.  Speaking of fitness, I can now say that I'm a verifiable gym rat because I've kept pretty well to my resolution this year of exercising more.  With few exception, I've managed to exercise 5 to 6 times a week since the beginning of January.  If you're interested, I post tidbits of exercise here.  This past week, I tried barre and spin, both for the first time!  I'm drafting posts on those experiences.  All in all, I can say I LOVE exercise because it's become a meditative space for me.  I've still got insulation, but I also have more strength and muscle than I have had in my entire life.

IV.  Spring has officially arrived in Seattle. Whilst everyone is rejoicing the arrival of longer days and the sunshine, I'm already missing the winter.  We had a big blizzard that was dubbed Snowmageddon2019 where the city effectively shut down this year and I loved it.  As a person who is perpetually warm, I love the cold and snow!  Future plans: move to the Arctic Circle.

I have to sign off and get some work done before my spin class this afternoon.  Tell me what you've been up to in the comments!

Mar 9, 2019


I recently met Taylor, a fellow photographer in Seattle. We both do photography for fun.  In general, my time has been largely committed to work, exercise, and decompression.  Honestly, if you don't work at my job, the gym, or my favorite coffee shop, then you haven't seen much of me at all.  I haven't made concrete plans for quite a while, but since this fellow artist was in the neighborhood, we had an impromptu trade shoot (time for prints, you know the drill).  Here are some of my favorite photographs from the day!  

I'll post some of my favorite shots he took of me soon, too, though you know I'd much rather share images of others than of myself.  Let me know what you think of these?

Jan 26, 2019

Jupiter's Moon

When I finished graduate school last year and decided to continue pursuing science full-time, some people were confused.  "I thought you wanted to do photography."  "Weren't you going to be a photographer?"  A woman can do both.  Whilst I was doing small gigs in Pasadena, I haven't heavily pursued photography out in Seattle.  I think I work best when I am doing photography as a hobby.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy all my photoshoots (including for hire), because I do, and each one brings a new challenge for me.  However, the photoshoots I am most excited to edit are the ones whereI can create freely without restrictions in mind.  These are the shoots that light a fire under me, that have me editing for hours immediately afterwards (I zone into the work completely!).  What this tells me is that I'd rather keep my photography as a hobby and not as a job.  I'll do the odd gig here and there, but I don't ever want this to feel like work.  Does anyone else feel like this?

Soliloquy aside . . . let me bring your attention to today's post!  This is one of several photoshoots I've done with Jupiter's moon, AKA Io.  I've worked with her before and she is genuinely one of my favorite models with whom to collaborate.  We typically pick a location and just go with the flow.  I never really "finish" editing all the frames from a day either because there are SO. MANY. useable shots.  Here are a few of my favorite edits from the last shoot!  If you're curious, the locations in Seattle we used were random streets in Capitol Hill and Volunteer Park.  Maybe a front stoop here and there . . .

Moving forward, I think I want to keep doing more of these portrait/fashion/lifestyle (?) kind of shoots.  It's tough for me to label; I like to think that I focus more on capturing the person than trying to sell "fashion" or "lifestyle" moments.  Things I want to work on in the future: incorporating more body length shots into my frames, changing up my style of editing, and seeking out different models.  I think I've gotten very comfortable in my editing process and need to change things up.  Life begins outside of your comfort zone, right?  Right!