A Day Out

A new resolve: to go outside, to hike the trails open to us in the Pacific Northwest, to spend less spare time on blue screens, to disconnect from social media, and to engage with our fives senses and each other. In the time of this pandemic and nerve-wracking year, I am thankful to have work I love, but being sedentary and in front of screens all day takes its toll. As a counter to that, I resolve to be present with the people I love, to be kind, to create more, to draw, to write, to read, and to give my body movement. I want to live with grace and to appreciate that which I may have taken for granted. I will, I will, I will. 



Bonjour! It's been over a year since I've been back on this blog. When I left, it was the middle of 2019. Now, we're headed towards the end of 2020 and a completely upside-down world. I've been in the background, lurking occasionally, but for the most part, absent from the blogosphere. In this year and a half, I have moved to Los Angeles and back to Seattle, met my partner, changed jobs, and moved my entire life -- all during a pandemic! If you asked me where I would be in 2020, I would not have predicted any of this.

Everything in the world is closed up. I generally work from home as I can. While the work moves along, the world seems to be on pause. I work a lot (and I love what I get to do) but need to engage in creative endeavors again for balance. This includes photography, blogging, drawing, writing, and getting back into regular fitness. I don't know about you, but my fitness has suffered since the pandemic began. I no longer have a gym membership or access to spin class. I do, however, have kettlebells, running shoes, and self-motivation to move. 

I am not entirely sure where to start again with blogging. I haven't touched my camera in months until yesterday. I am hoping to make this space a place to share photography again. Maybe portraits. Maybe beauty products and reviews. Maybe small moments in time like this photograph here. I don't know what I'll post yet, but what I do know is that I have a full-frame Canon, this domain, and the urge to create and share imagery. So hello world, hello blogosphere. See you soon. 


Jupiter's Moon

When I finished graduate school last year and decided to continue pursuing science full-time, some people were confused.  "I thought you wanted to do photography."  "Weren't you going to be a photographer?"  A woman can do both.  Whilst I was doing small gigs in Pasadena, I haven't heavily pursued photography out in Seattle.  I think I work best when I am doing photography as a hobby.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy all my photoshoots (including for hire), because I do, and each one brings a new challenge for me.  However, the photoshoots I am most excited to edit are the ones whereI can create freely without restrictions in mind.  These are the shoots that light a fire under me, that have me editing for hours immediately afterwards (I zone into the work completely!).  What this tells me is that I'd rather keep my photography as a hobby and not as a job.  I'll do the odd gig here and there, but I don't ever want this to feel like work.  Does anyone else feel like this?

Soliloquy aside . . . let me bring your attention to today's post!  This is one of several photoshoots I've done with Jupiter's moon, AKA Io.  I've worked with her before and she is genuinely one of my favorite models with whom to collaborate.  We typically pick a location and just go with the flow.  I never really "finish" editing all the frames from a day either because there are SO. MANY. useable shots.  Here are a few of my favorite edits from the last shoot!  If you're curious, the locations in Seattle we used were random streets in Capitol Hill and Volunteer Park.  Maybe a front stoop here and there . . .

Moving forward, I think I want to keep doing more of these portrait/fashion/lifestyle (?) kind of shoots.  It's tough for me to label; I like to think that I focus more on capturing the person than trying to sell "fashion" or "lifestyle" moments.  Things I want to work on in the future: incorporating more body length shots into my frames, changing up my style of editing, and seeking out different models.  I think I've gotten very comfortable in my editing process and need to change things up.  Life begins outside of your comfort zone, right?  Right!