Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Sunday #2

[Minus the Bear, left; Murder By Death, right]

MUSIC.  Something the mister and I really like doing is going to shows.   We saw Aero Flynn, Murder By Death, and Minus the Bear (all in one show) this week.  I'm going to see JoJo tomorrow (Leave (Get Out), remember her?).  She's doing her comeback tour and since people go, "WHO?" when I bring her up, I bought myself a solo ticket a while ago.  (Also, she's got sick abs, so if that's not fitspiration, I don't know what is.)  It'll be interesting going to a show by myself as I've not done that before!  In hindsight, I'm also a bit stressed about fitting this into my schedule.  Getting into Los Angeles basically sucks up a whole late afternoon and evening.  Yeah, I know, #firstworldproblems.

TIME.  Where do all my hours go?  It's already Thanksgiving this week and while I look forward to the two days off, it's also stressing me out because it's a reminder that I need to be more productive.  I'm moving too slowly and have much to push forward before the holidays.  I wish I were one of those people who is super productive and motivated, all the time.  I'm in awe of some of my colleagues who seem to push from early in the morning to late at night.  Unfortunately, I just don't have that kind of stamina. 

MONIES.  I've decided to put myself on a no-buy of extraneous purchases for the next few months.  There's a big difference between WANT and NEED and I'd say most of my purchases fall into WANT.  I have a makeup/beauty problem.  Let's be real: do I really need another red lipstick to go with the other 6?  Do I need to add to my stockpile of face masks?  Do I really need to try another new moisturizer?  OMG, yes!  Are you kidding me?!  No.  No, I do not.  I chuck a lot of products because they expire before I use them up.  *hides head in shame*  Let's make a change: actively use up my things before buying new ones.  Maybe this will lead to filming an empties video (oh, hey, YouTube!) or blog post.

RUNNING.  I looked at my Nike+ running app and realized I've only done 6.10 miles in November.  WHAT?!  This week, I did one 5K and 3 x resistance training.  I need to get back into doing 1-2 miles before I weight train each day and fitting in 2 longer runs per week.  I can't call myself A Little Runner if I don't actually, you know, run.

TODAY.  Spending most of today in the lab, hustling to get some work done.  I'm hoping I'll wrap up with enough time left to run some errands and spend an evening with some lady friends watching Aziz Ansari's new show Master of None.

*Okay, so basically this week's Sunday wasn't so much a round-up as Go-Fix-Yourself bullet points and rambling.   I won't be moaning about things next week, promise.  XOXO


  1. I find my productivity peaks and wanes all the time. I'm only really motivated at around 11pm (I've always been this way, right through school and University) when of course I should be asleep in preparation for the day job. I finished Master of None the weekend before last and loved it! So relatable! And I'm ever so slightly envious that you're seeing JoJo - enjoy! x

  2. OMG JOJO. I know it's been so long but I will always have a special place in my heart for Leave, Get Out, haha. Have so much fun and have a great Thanksgiving holiday!