Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cross Out "A Little Runner": Reboot & Rebrand

Hi y'all! Does this space look a little different?  Yes?  Good!  I've been considering a new name for my blog for a while now.  A Little Runner originated from my Instagram handle.  I selected it to represent my short stature and, at the time, my training to run in the 2015 Hollywood Half Marathon.  Unfortunately, A Little Runner isn't the most original of names.  Seriously.  Google it.  There are multiple variants that appear and the .com domain name was taken by someone who legitimately blogs about running.  Uh-oh.

I've felt for sometime now that A Little Runner is a bit misleading of a blog name.  I created this place to share photographs, bits about my life, and my interests.  While running is certainly something I am getting back into, it is not my sole focus, as the name of my blog may have implied.  I needed something that was more reflective of myself, my blogging focus, and that was available.

Welcome to Lumière & Lens.  Lumière is French for light which we can all agree is an important aspect of photography.  Light and lens?  I think these concepts are much more suitable for a blog that will feature photographs and snapshots into my life.  Most importantly, it's a name that I am really in love with and am excited to share with you all!  Between the new name and refreshing the layout, I'm pretty stoked about this reboot and rebrand.  I've read that revamping a space if vital towards motivation.  I have to say that I'm definitely feeling more inspired to create content because of how much more inviting Lumière & Lens seems to me.  Watch this space!

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  1. So exciting about the new name - I love it. Lumiere is such a satisfying word to say aloud, not that I'm sat here saying it out loud alone. Not at all... I often toy with changing my blog name but after more than 6 years, the pure oddness of Daisybutter has somewhat become intrinsically attached to me, heh. Damn those early days where any name was available and you never realised people would read these things! ;)