Friday, January 22, 2016

Crystal Cove

It's been a few years since I've been to Crystal Cove beach in California. I don't actually go to the beach very much despite living in California.  Most of them are at least an hour's drive away and the work culture in graduate school is such that getting away for a whole day can be difficult to orchestrate.  My trip to Big Sur was the last time I had a chance to dip my feet into the Pacific Ocean and it had been a few years since I'd last done it by then.  I found these pictures from several years ago on my laptop today and realized it was maybe the last time I pseudo-seriously took my camera out.  Yes, I am aware I'm flagrantly violating the rule-of-thirds here.

I miss the ocean all the time.  In fact, I love and yearn for big bodies of water.  I was at Northwestern University last March, attending a wedding and part of the campus overlooks Lake Michigan.  Forget the fact that it was barely above freezing.  I stared down into that cold water and wanted to take a swim.  Truth be told, I've never seen a body of water I didn't want to jump into.

Hopefully, I'll make it out to the beach this summer.  I want to go camping again as well.  Part of me wants to do things that are worth photographing, that are interesting.  Maybe that's not a completely correct attitude, though.  Maybe I should be searching to find something interesting to photograph even without this scenery, force myself to get creative and find beauty in the more mundane.  A real artist should be able to find beauty in anything, right?  TRUTH.


  1. I've been exploring different beaches (locally) right now because of my thesis. And I find your photos really great!!! Hopefully I can visit California in the future and see this too! Good luck on graduate school and hope you can hit the beach soon!

  2. Crystal cove looks beautiful! I live relatively close to quite a few beaches, I guess I take them for granted. Hope you get to go this summer!

  3. Rule of thirds? Meeeeh. Your pictures look great anyways!

    7% Solution

  4. Wow! Looks amazing! Three is beauty in everything, but sometimes it is easier to find in things that are already quite interesting to begin with :P

    nat | Dignifiable

  5. These photos are absolutely incredible and make me want to visit California again. I think that oftentimes when you live in a place with a certain thing you actually tend to visit it less than the tourists do because you feel as if it is always there.

    Rae Love from Berlin