Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Sunday #5

Hello, lovely readers and Happy New Year!  It's been a while since my last post so here goes... 

RECOVERY.  I keep getting sick. This past month and half has been miserable.  I was on medication, experienced very adverse side effects, and may have had my second viral bug of the month.  It's hard to tell if I got hit with a double whammy of something, but after doctor visits, missing my initial flight back to Los Angeles, and many restless nights, I am doing my best to recover.  It's slow going improvement.

FAMILY.  Postponing my flight back from visiting my family meant I got a few more days with them.  I wish I hadn't been so sick, but there is nothing like being around family, to be loved and very taken care of. I do miss them a lot since I only go to the East Coast once or twice a year.  I was that girl crying on the plane as it took off from my parents' town. 

GLASSES.  Turns out contacts irritate my one eye (sort of like an allergy?).  I can't seem to wear them the way I used to so it looks like I'll have to switch to wearing glasses nearly full time short of special events or exercising.  Looking into switching contacts, but also getting a new pair of glasses.  I'm also getting used to wearing them all the time and doing makeup with them.  I still feel super geeky in them, but it's nice to have a boyfriend who prefers me in glasses.  

TONIGHT.  Spending some time with my two closest girlfriends tonight.  I haven't seen them in weeks!  We're probably going to watch the Golden Globes and just catch up.  Or maybe just watch Mean Girls because that film is a Timeless Classic!   

I'm signing off for the afternoon.  I hope I bring better tidings the next time I post here.  XOXO.


  1. Happy New Year, Alyse! So awful to hear you've been ill for so long. My sick leave applications just came through at work and I was ill 8 times last year, that's not okay surely?! Get lots of rest. Dose up on fresh fruit! If you have the means, I'd recommend a homemade apple and orange juice with half a lemon, too (: and I SO feel you on flying away. I cried this time too and couldn't sleep for the entire 12-hour ride back. x

  2. Argh! Sorry to hear about your contacts! That is so weird.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Nat • Dignifiable

  3. Hmmm contacts used to irritate my eyes and give me headaches to no end until I switched to 1-day Acuvue TruEye. They're more expensive than the ones that last a couple weeks or a month, but they let me go out knowing that my eyes won't suffer and bother em throughout the day. Hope your health is getting better. If you've been on medication I recommend taking probiotics as well. Medication always seems to mess up the gut ecosystem :'(

  4. I hate being continuously sick for ages, glad to hear you're feeling better now!