Monday, February 15, 2016

Built To Spill @ The Echo, Los Angeles

Built To Spill, Doug Martsch, Steve Gere, Jason Albertini, The Echo
Built To Spill / (L to R) Jason Albertini on bass guitar, Steve Gere on drums, Doug Martsch on guitar.

The Echo, Los Angeles.

Iceberg Ferg opening for Built To Spill.

Jason Albertini
Jason Albertini performs on bass with support from The Hand.

Built To Spill is an indie rock band that has been around since the '90s.  They're one of the few acts whose music can move me to tears as I listen to them while working.  No, seriously.  There's definitely times when I've been in lab and thought, "Whoa, you need to keep it together."  I love that they don't adhere to the generic song structure we're so familiar with nowadays.  I love the solos and extended instrumentals.  Sometimes, I listen to pop and then I listen to Built To Spill and there is NO CONTEST.  So of course, when the mister asked if I wanted to see them on a three night run at The Echo, I said, "YES."

Built To Spill used to have five members, but now performs as a three piece band (Doug Martsch on guitar, Jason Albertini on bass, Steve Gere on drums).  One of the real treats seeing them live is watching Doug rip solo after solo on Ben (his guitar).  I've talked to Doug at a few shows; I keep hoping every time I shake his hand that some of his magical powers will transfer to me (alas, no luck yet).  One of the amazing things about Built To Spill, aside from how good they are, is that all the musicians are extremely kind when meeting their fans.  And yes, I cried during closing on the first night to Time Trap. 

I really love this band, so I'm going to plug them.  For those of you who haven't given them a listen yet, here's a Built To Spill primer.  Enjoy!

1.  Carry the Zero
2.  Time Trap
3.  Traces
4.  All Our Songs
5.  Car
6.  Goin' Against Your Mind
7.  Liar
8.  Velvet Waltz
9.  In Your Mind
10.  Big Dipper


  1. Really stunning photos! Hope you had fun seeing them live! I used to listen to Built to Spill ages ago!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. These photos. Yes!

    I always love shows that are intimate enough for you to sneak over and talk to the band. Makes the experience that much more rewarding. Adding this to my list of bands to listen to at work this week!


  3. I always find it hard to take concert photos ... I just shot an LTA at my station a week ago, and the lighting is always challenging. Excellent job, and the B&W really add to the mood.

    A Day in Durham

  4. They sound like a really great band! I will have to listen to their music :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me