Thursday, February 04, 2016

North, There Be Mountains

"If you can see the mountains, you can find North."

My boyfriend said this during one of the first times we drove through San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County.  Mountains are a fairly common sight, but the view we get down in the valley never fails to amaze me.  I grew up in New York and then lived in Philadelphia for six years - I had only ever known mountains as foreign entities in pictures.

Los Angeles builds low because it's riddled with earthquakes.  The city's skyline seems to hug the ground as we pass it on CA-110 for I am used to New York's skyscrapers.  The low buildings in the San Gabriel Valley mean these rugged peaks are always visible, like a wall built by Nature to separate us from beyond.  If I use my memory, I can almost feel the arid texture of the dirt and gravel underneath my feet.  When it is a foggy or when a storm comes, the peaks are shrouded by a curtain of clouds, but I see their bases. 

Some days, I am stuck in my laboratory with no windows.  I grow frustrated because things can fail before they work.  It is then that I crave the mountains the most because chasing my breath as I ascend them seems more feasible than chasing experimental success.  Instead, I pace the corridors of my work space.  I feel like I'm going in circles.  

So I go outside.  I breathe the fresh air.  I get my bearings.  And I look North.


  1. Oh wow! Those mountains are gorgeous! Breathing in fresh air is such a wonderful thing; I find it so calming ultimately.

    Nat | Dignifiable

  2. Wow what a beautiful terrain! I could so do with escaping here :D xx

    Gemma |

  3. Wow so beautiful! I always find that I have to go outside at least once a day to breath in some fresh air.

    Eline |

  4. Nice shots. I grew up in Toronto and recently moved to LA and am not used to homes without basements yet lol. I think I'm used to more high rises but the views here are stunning and you can't best the weather.


  5. Amazing photos! In Universal Studios LA theres a view from just going out from the visual effects show. If you go to the balcony area. There's an amazing view of the San Fernando Mountains. It's just breathtaking. Will be blogging about it soon. I just can't get over the view.

    And yeah it's really good to go outside to get fresh air especially being cooped up in the house.

    Anna Czarina Blog

  6. Really? that's interesting but okay mountain North! gotcha, "go get some awesome' BING.

  7. I feel you with the stuck in the lab thing! I was in a computer lab for most of my time in college because I was studying digital art & animation. One thing that helped was going for coffee & bagel breaks to a nearby coffee stand with some of my friends in the same lab. It really helps to step out and get some fresh air if you can! ;)

  8. I grew up in Arizona, surrounded by mountains. I never thought much of it, but I think I really like it!

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