Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Sunday #8: The Portfolio

Hello, lovelies!  It's been a hectic past 7 days for me and I'm wrapping up a few things at work this Sunday before taking some time to relax in the evening.  Maybe finally paint my nails for the first time in a month!  Some appropriate color for February like blood red or black. 

PORTFOLIO.  I have decided it is about time I started my art & photography portfolio!  If you look at my navigation, there's now a link to it.  I've loaded some sketches (like these shown here), some finished portraits, and some photographs I am really proud of from the concert last week.  As you can probably tell, I love drawing and photographing people.  I'm looking to expand it over time and maybe freelance one day!  

CAREERS.  Speaking of portfolios, I spent a lot of time this week revising my curriculum vitae in preparation for a career fair.  I'm not graduating yet nor am I looking for an job,  but the idea of talking to recruiters and putting myself out there to seek employment frightens me.  Hence, I made myself do it to face my fear, so to speak, and to practice selling myself.  It turned out that most of the companies there were looking for computer scientists and engineers rather than chemists/chemical biologists like myself, but it was good to talk to people.  I also received loads of free swag which is always a plus.

CONFERENCES.  My, my this week's update is all about work, isn't it?  I have two conferences coming up in the next few weeks so I'm trying to get lab work done while preparing for them.  I have to give a talk at the first one and poster presentation at the second.  I'm one of these people who practices their talks A LOT before giving them.  My worst and most nervous, bumbling version is the one in front of my coworkers.  Better to work out the kinks with my colleagues than at the front of a seminar room, eh?  Onward!


  1. Good luck with your speech! I am sure you will smash it. What kind of talk are you going to give, if you don't mind me asking? :) Also, these drawings are amazing and I really liked your photographs from last post, keep up an amazing job! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Wow your drawings are incredible, you're so talented! I honestly admire people who are good at drawing, I can't even draw a horse to be honest haha. Good luck with your speech! xx

  3. Practising pitching yourself is such a good idea. I'm terrible at networking and stuff like that. Good luck with the conferences!

  4. Gorgeous sketches Alyse! Those eyes and eyebrows are so realistic!

  5. Killin' it with your portfolio so far! I'm especially loving the graphite sketch; those eyes are memorizing. I always loved drawing people the most in my art classes as well. There's just so much more depth that it kept my attention for longer.

    Good luck with all of your conferences this week and I hope they went well! People always say to imagine people in their underwear to feel less nervous, but I never really understood that piece of advice, haha. Kick ass!


  6. This is such a positive post and definitely has inspired me to get my act together a bit! Portfolio looks amazing girl X

  7. Ah you're so talented - thanks for sharing your work!I like that you put put aside your fears and practiced selling yourself at the career fair. I hate recruiters and selling my skills because I'm just awful at talking about myself. It's definitely a great skill to have and despite the fair not really having the jobs you are considering, I think it's awesome that you put yourself out there x

  8. Beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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  9. Congrats on starting your portfolio! I love your sketches, especially the first one from 2011/2012. I don't think I have anything from that far back, I used to just draw on computer paper, and have since lost everything :/

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  10. Good luck with your talk and presentation, I'm sure they'll go great! Love the sketches, I'll have to check out your portfolio.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog