Monday, March 28, 2016

Murder By Death w/ Tim Barry @ The Echoplex

Murder By Death, Sarah Balliet, Adam Turla, Indie Rock, The Echoplex
[Murder By Death @ The Echoplex 3/25/16]

Murder By Death (with Tim Barry) played a show as part of their current tour at The Echoplex in Los Angeles this past Friday.  They were the first band I ever saw in concert which happened to be at the same venue.  The mister took me a few years ago.  We've seen them every time they've come into town.  One of the best and most unique things about Murder By Death is that their act contains a cellist.  In my opinion, a cello really brings a darker, more somber sound to music that I'm quite fond of.

I mounted my friend's 28-200 mm telephoto lens on my DSLR in preparation for The Echoplex where I also signed my first photo release.  Did you know that some places require you to sign one?  No, me neither, but the girl at the door said it was, "In case you get famous."  Oh, I wish.  I moved around the venue a lot for part of the night to get my shots.  I love this lens for shooting so much that I'm considering saving up for my own.  I'm sure this would be a much more feasible goal if I stopped blowing my money on concert tickets, food, and makeup. 

Tim Barry, The Echoplex
Sarah Balliet, Adam Turla, Murder By Death, Indie Rock
[Tim Barry; Sarah Balliet and Adam Turla of Murder by Death @ The Echoplex]

Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon and Big Dark Love are the two albums I am most familiar with so here's my Murder By Death primer.  Best for long car rides in the dark, winding up the Pacific Coast Highway.

1.  I Came Around
2.  Ditch Lilly
3.  Lost River
4.  Solitary One
5.  Big Dark Love 
6.  My Hill
7.  I Shot An Arrow
8.  Kentucky Bourbon
9.  Brother
10.  Hard World


  1. Oh you took some awesome shots! Definitely worth moving around the gig to get those shots. I've never taken a proper camera to a gig before - but it looks like it can be well worth it x

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