Wednesday, March 16, 2016

San Diego

[San Diego Bay]

I am in San Diego for the American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting which is a gigantic conglomeration of scientists from all over the world presenting their scientific research.  It is a great opportunity to see a variety of science outside of my discipline, all in one geographic location.  I saw a lot of amazing presentations on directed evolution, the protein folding problem, and targeted delivery of cancer drugs to their targets, just to name a few things.  My philosophy on conferences is that it doesn't matter so much which talks I attend because the important thing is to listen, learn, and broaden my scope on science.

[Boat docks and the San Diego skyline]

[View of Coronado Island]

Conference talk aside, it is beautiful down here in San Diego. The San Diego Convention Center, which houses most of the talks and poster sessions, is right near the San Diego Bay and Pier. It is so calming to be near so this much water and I desperately want to jump in, despite how cold that water probably is at this time of year!  Bodies of water = my happy place.  Cheers. 


  1. Oh I wish I lived near the sea - these photos of the city and the sea are just dreamy! Sounds like you're enjoying your trip - it sounds really insightful and interesting!

  2. My friend who is doing a phd always goes to conferences. Is this something that you do? Or was this your first conference.

    Gorgeous photos, such a stunning day it seems

    nat | Dignifiable

  3. Awesome pictures! :)


  4. So blue! San Diego looks beautiful.