Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday #12: #nerdprom

#NERDPROM.  Every year, our graduate institution holds a formal which we fondly call Graduate School Prom or Nerd Prom ('cause we're all scientists).  This is a photo plucked off my Instagram from this year's #nerdprom.  My friends and I have gone to formal for most years.  It's one of the few occasions we have to go all out and get dressed up.  When you spend most of your day in a lab, you never wear nice things because they get ruined pretty quickly!  Let me tell you, nothing takes the dirt off the top of your Converses as efficiently as spilled organic solvent frantically wiped off with a paper towel.  This definitely did not happen to me yesterday.  Nope.  

The Front Bottoms, The Regent Theater

DOING IT TO DEATH.  I went to two new (to me) music venues:  The Mayan to see The Kills and The Regent Theater to see The Front Bottoms.  I had great views at the venues, but they had strict policies that restricted the use of professional cameras.  I'd hardly consider my discontinued DSLR with its severe ISO limits professional, but any camera that isn't on your cell phone was off limits.  My boyfriend's been playing Doing It To Death by The Kills on repeat since the show so that song has been stuck in my head all weekend.

4TH YEAR.  I've finally scheduled my 4th year thesis meeting with my committee members.  This is basically where you lay out the timeline for graduation and the completion of your degree.  Things are getting real and I'll have to start looking for employment within a year.  Time certainly feels like it's ticking too quickly.  I still have to get my driver's license before the year's out so I'm not limited geographically.  

CAPSULE.  I've been seeing capsule wardrobes pop up a lot in this past year.  Now that I've officially gained 20 lbs since the start of graduate school, I've had to set aside a lot of clothing to throw out or sell.  Since I have to become a Real Adult at some point, I think now is the time to start investing in quality pieces.  I've learned that the fit of clothing and dressing for your body can really change how you're presented.  

Lastly, I have some new blogs for y'all to check out.  I've been loving Amber's blog Y A C H T S M A A N.  She has some beautiful photography.  Jane from deluminators and Nat from dignifiable will inspire serious wanderlust.  Go, go, go!


  1. sounds like a great prom! and you look super pretty. love the dress! good luck for your thesis and job hunting!


  2. You guys looked awesome! Good luck for all the organisation with your last year. And thanks for the shout out :)

    Jane / deluminators

  3. Love your blog!

  4. beautiful photos :)
    please follow my blog : YOUNG BLOG

  5. It sounds like your life is really exciting right now! I'm with you on investment pieces as well. It's time for a change. Thanks for the shout out, you're so sweet!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  6. "I've learned that the fit of clothing and dressing for your body can really change how you're presented." I agree with you here c:
    I wonder why it isn't allowed to bring a DSLR to the music venues but a camera phone is
    allowed? Anyway, good luck with your final, getting the driving licence (I still have to get mine too) and have fun with prom! Xx ice pandora

  7. Yes, it's the time in our lives when we actually have to buy good quality clothing, that will last us for years. I got two pairs of jeans the other day from Levi's and I expect them to last me forever and ever haha.

    You're definitely a New Yorker at heart haha, all of us don't bother getting our licenses until it's absolutely necessary. I got mine last April, and I've only driven twice since then.
    Blue Jazzmin

  8. LOVE your blog! Great post ~ i totally get what you mean.

    I just followed you- Please follow me!


  9. Oh how pretty do you look? AND you were saying that me and Mish have good skin? I think you need to look in the mirror lady, you look flawless! Balls like that are fun, I haven't dressed up in ages - last time was definitely for a friend's wedding last September!

  10. I studied chemistry so I totally get what you mean about having the occasion to finally dress up :) Proms are so much fun, enjoy them while you still can :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  11. you look so pretty here <3

  12. you look so lovely!
    Happy beginning of May dear, wishing you a lovely new month!

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  13. I’m in love! This is so beautiful. Hope you have an amazing new week!

    Style For Mankind

  14. #nerdprom sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  15. Aw love! Hope you had a wonderful time at your prom :)


  16. Great roundup! I love the idea of calling your formal nerd prom and good luck on coming up with your timeline for your senior thesis!

    I also really like the idea of capsule wardrobes, because it is all about quality not quantity, but my style is so eclectic, I find it really hard to be able to incorporate a capsule wardrobe into my own closet.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  17. First of all, #NERDPROM. That sounds amazing and I want to go, please. But in all seriousness, your dress is killing it on so many levels.

    Also, my boyfriend is obsessed with The Front Bottoms so their songs immediately started playing in my head as I read your post. And now they won't stop playing. I'm seeing them this summer for the first time!

    Finally, good luck with your journey towards a capsule collection! It seems so easy yet so difficult at the same time so I've been lazy with trying it out. Would love to see how you end up tackling it so I get inspired, haha.