Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday #20: Manhattan Beach

Under Manhattan Beach Pier.

BEACH.  One of the common misconceptions about living in California is that we go to the beach all the time because we're "right by the ocean!"  This is far from the truth since we live at least an hour inland.  We don't make it out as much as we'd like to!  My roommates had friends in town so we made a group trip out to Manhattan Beach.  As you can tell, it was really bright which wasn't the best set of conditions for photography, but I made the best of it.  I ingested quite a bit of salt water playing in the ocean, but I loved it!  I'm a poor swimmer, but being in the Pacific Ocean made me want to start swimming at my university's pool for cardio. 

Manhattan Beach Pier
Manhattan Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach, California, California Beaches, Pacific Ocean
Manhattan Beach Pier.

LISA SEE.  Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to read stories about Chinese / Chinese-American women?  I found On Gold Mountain and Dreams of Joy at a quaint little used bookstore.  I've read Shanghai Girls by See before and quite enjoyed the story.  In some ways, there's a lot of cultural empathy when I read her books.  There are a lot of ideas, themes, and phrases that are very familiar to me.

Manhattan Beach Pier
Manhattan Beach

WEEKEND.  I'm trying to enjoy the rest of my weekend; I might do some work later on today.  My presentation went pretty well last week.  I was pretty stressed about it because I was reading an area of science that is very new to me.  But that's alright!  When my advisor and I were talking about future research plans, I explicitly stated that I wanted to work in a completely new area.  Life begins outside of your comfort zone, eh?  Tonight, I just want to eat a nice meal and relax.  Where did the weekend go?

THE FACE SHOP.  Has anyone else been to The Face Shop?  There is one in my local Westfield mall and I've really enjoyed using their Real Nature sheet masks in the past.  They had a huge promotion today so I picked up a ton of masks.  Think I'll have myself a bit of a pamper tonight (i.e., mask + planning out the rest of my week).  Cheers.  Check in soon.


  1. Congratulations on your presentation!

    People say the same about Sydney and the beach, some people live 2 hours from the beach and that is still in metropolitan Sydney! That being said, I live quite close and don't make it down as often as I should.

    I have seen The Face Shop but haven't been in and made a purchase, might be tempted after I finish my current sheet masks!

    nat - dignifiable

  2. Same as Natalie, I live relatively close to the beach but it's not something I do on the regular (I'm craving some good beach time now after this post though!) Glad the presentations went well.

    Jane / deluminators

  3. love these pic. especially the first one creates such a marine atmosphere.

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/

  4. These photos are gorgeous, and they really make me miss the ocean. I hope your weekend ended on a high note!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  5. Beautiful photos - I love the one from under the pier. That shot is gorgeous. An Hour from the ocean is still good - I have to travel at least 3 hours to get anywhere near the sea!

  6. Such beautiful photos! I always find the crisp, serene blue tones of your photos to be so calming.

  7. your photos made me miss the beach even more! i live 2 hours from the beach which is such an unfortunate for a beach lover like me. i tried the face shop masks and honestly it's the other only stuff from them i can use (aside from eyebrow pencil!). their skincare caused some serious reaction on me. have a great september, alyse!


  8. These are some gorgeous photos! I definitely don't go down to the beach as often as I'd like.

  9. this place is outstanding!

  10. I hope you enjoyed your weekend :-) You take such lovely photos!

  11. The water looks beautiful!!! :) I need a beach trip!


  12. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that there's a Manhattan beach on the west coast, heh heh. Every time I see the Pacific Coast I just get lost in how blue the water looks, compared to the east coast. So many feels.

    Hope you're enjoying the end of the summer!