Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday #25: Halloweekend

Happy Halloweekend!  I've spent the past few days playing with this little darlin' here who doesn't like to sit still for pictures.  This is a once in a mini-lifetime shot. 

HALLOWEEN.  Since Halloween is on a Monday this year, we had a party at our house last night, making this Sunday lazier than usual.  I went as Rosie the Riveter, a costume which cost me all of $3.90 for the bandana.  It ran pretty late and, for someone who doesn't drink, I felt kind of run down during the day.  It's probably all the junk food and dehydration!  I'm a little hoarse from talking over the noise (I'm drinking apple spice tea with A LOT of honey as I write this), but it was a great time.  We have a bowls of candy and libations leftover.  I'm trying not to eat so many sweets!

Halloween, Halloweekend, Rosie the Riveter Costume

EISLEY.  Eisley is one of my favorite bands and the artists I named my "first" acoustic guitar after.  Watching and listening to these women sing is like watching fairies.  For my birthday in June, the mister got me tickets to see them live for the first time at El Rey Theatre.  I have to say that their 45 minute set just flew by; I wished that it could've gone on forever.  They played a lot of my favorites and their new song Defeatist.  I'm beyond excited for their record to come out next year. 

Eisley, El Rey Theatre

CATHARTIC.  I wrote a post about living a more minimal life this past week.  It's the most vulnerable and personal post I've ever written here.  Posting anything online opens me up to judgment and scrutiny; I was nervous that it might be seen as too negative, but the responses have been thoughtful and kind.  There was also catharsis in writing, editing, and publishing the post.

How was your Halloweekend?   


  1. ah the party looks so fun! i'd love to participate! you did good job with the costume though :D also the joy of seeing your favorite artist perform live for the first time. the best. i hope you can see them more!

    i read your post about minimal life and i think it's wonderful. we kept so many things solely for its sentimental values and in turn overwhelm us. it's always good to have a less baggage and a decluttered mind. i hope your november would be as awesome and clutter-free, alyse!

  2. "Halloweekend" I love it haha! Halloween should be more than just one day, like Christmas.
    Love the costume! I did Rosie last year, all I had to get was the bandana too *high five*

  3. Sounds like it was a great party! Yes - having so many lollies or sweets, it's really about will power (which I have little of)

    nat // dignifiable

  4. Happy Halloween Alyse! I think you look awesome in your costume! I wish I had done something this year but I haven't done anything Halloweeny for a while now, but I love it! I am not a big drinker (but have the odd drink on occasion) but I know the feeling of being the only sober one! I once went to a Christmas work party and clinked everyone's champagne glasses with my cup of green tea. Haha!

  5. Happy Halloween! that costume is adorable and budget friendly. I missed the Halloween this year because of the situation in Thailand.

    Love, Kandice & Thoughts

  6. Yes! I love your look as Rosie the Riveter! I am so with you on not spending much. I bought a Ghostbusters PJ top last week, and basically thought I could do my own Jillian Holtzmann look, so bought a couple of pairs of goggles (£16 for both in total) and just messed my hair up, and that was it! People I served at work got that I was a Ghostbuster, even if they couldn't see it on my top, which I think was awesome. I really need to listen to Eisley. I've heard one of their songs a few years ago that a friend directed me to, but didn't listen to more of their stuff!

    And I am so with you on writing being cathartic at times. It's lovely when people respond in such a warm, positive way, isn't it?

    Meg | Elmpetra

  7. YES to barely spending money but still having a dope Halloween costume. Halloween parties are hands down the best, always.

    Also, just read your post about living a more minimal life and it gave me all the feels and the inspiration to try to "clean out" my life too before the new year. I'm always holding on to things because I'm afraid to forget (and I don't want to forget ANYTHING, even painful memories). But you're right, things have an expiration date and it's good to know what they are. But for now, the first step I'll take is throwing out expired make-up, since that might be the easiest step. ;)


  8. High five on not spending much for a costume! I dressed up as a Pokestop (unfortunately only a few people recognised me in a room full of lawyers... go figure hah) but I used old cardboard and the only thing I bought was paint!

    I just caught up with your post and loved what you said about hanging and clinging onto a friendship out of obligation... I've definitely done this for too long now and every time I try to break away, I feel sooo guilty. It's all a bit weird. But yes, I also have learnt to not BUY so many things because I really can't justify having 100 lipsticks (not that I have 100, but you know what I mean).

    It's bonfire weekend here soon so lots of fire and fireworks going on!

    Cherie | sinonym