Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday #26: Ginger, Lemon, Honey

Ginger lemon tonic, tea to drink when you're sick
Healing with ginger, lemon, and honey.

It's that time of the year . . . even though it doesn't feel like autumn here, the seasonal sniffles are starting to make their round.  Yours truly has been hit with the cold since late last week.  I've been drinking ginger and lemon tea with honey like water for days!  The mister's caught it from me, too, and what a lovely pair we make.

AMERICA.  As the whole world tuned in to watch, our country elected it's new president.  Like 48% of American, I was bummed about the results.  I'm not going to clutter up this Sunday post with my disappointment, but you're welcome to read and respond to my thoughts after the election.  A silver lining to this is my own dedication towards being more empathetic and compassion because I don't want to add more negativity in this current climate.

CONFIRMED KILLS.  Confirmed Kills is Iliza Shlesinger's new standup special on Netflix.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it because it's a feminist and empowering performance.  A snippet: command, not demand, respect through how you treat yourself and other women because "you teach people how to treat you."  I respected what she had to say on how society doesn't allow women to feel proud about themselves and their bodies, which I've long taken issue with.  How often does society complain that insecurity is "unattractive" on a woman?  Yet, when she loves herself and dares to show that, she still receives backlash.  LOVE YOURSELF. 

autumn colors, autumn leaves
Searching for autumn.

WARM TONES.  I'm expanding my photography outside of the usual cool, blue tones.  I've been feeling creatively stuck and I think using one color palette is extremely limiting.  There's an argument to be made for Instagram themes or portfolios, but my real life isn't that curated.  I'm experimenting with some warmer tones, especially since I'm searching for those "autumnal" colors that perpetually green California seems to lack.

SUPER MOON.  Everyone knows about the supermoon?  It's supposed to be the closest our moon has been to the Earth in 70 years.  I managed to get a picture of it in the waxing gibbous phase that I'm quite proud of considering my equipment limitations.  The mister got us tickets to see Car Seat Headrest tonight so I'm going to try to snap a few pictures around that.

I'm off to try to get things done before this evening.  What did you get up to this week?


  1. Get well soon! The sniffles are definitely making its way round... someone hasn't been into work for a week now because of the flu >_< hope I'm staying healthy. I love your autumny snaps, you should definitely experiment more with that! I think it's been a tough week for so many people; I'm glad there are still small things to be thankful about. Thanksgiving?

    Cherie | sinonym

  2. Oh, I hope you'll get well soon! Confirmed Kills sounds like a very nice concept, I'll need to give it a go. Also, I heard about super moon but I haven't got an opportunity to see it yet. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. get well soon, alyse! it's been raining so hard lately i think i need that ginger lemon tea too. fingers crossed i can see super moon tonight. i'm really dying to see that *-*

  4. Ah hope you get well soon! I'm looking at the supermoon through the window right now, haven't got a chance of getting a good photo though!

  5. Oh no I missed the super moon! And I'm also going through a phase of trying to get back the natural, warm tones into photography. Love your photos! And I really gotta try that new Netflix show, love empowering shows!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  6. Hope you get better soon! I feel myself getting sick and it sucks haha

  7. Maybe it's time for me to buy a new lens. I want to take better pictures of the moon haha! I was disappointed when the supermoon in Bangkok looked regular though. Warm tones are really pretty! I would love to try it too but film emulation is my target. Get well soon my dear <3

    Love, Kandice & Thoughts

  8. Oh my god, I found this post at such good timing! I'm currently sick at the moment and have been loving drinking tea! I've recently been obsessed with a peach and orange tea I found but this combo of ginger, lemon and honey sounds fabulous! x


  9. totally love this sunday thoughts of yours!
    it looks like a nice roundup of the weekly news on the magazine column

    style frontier

  10. Get well soon girl, I'm ill too :( I keep wanting to stay in bed all day but have work to do! Anyway love those Autumn snaps, think it's good to change your shooting style and experiment with different looks :)

    Hanh | Hanhabelle

  11. I've started getting the sniffles too T_T // Autumn is the perfect time to look for warm tones! // The supermoon was so beautiful! My friends and I couldn't help but stare at it and our eyes hurt because it was so bright :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  12. I've been leaning towards warmer tones lately too; it's nice to switch things up just so you don't feel like you're trapped in a rut sometimes. I'm loving that left shot of the lantern especially!

    Also, PREACH to ginger and honey. Lifesavers in the winter, 100%. Lemon, I could do without, heh heh. ;)