Wednesday, December 21, 2016

'Tis the Season To Share Blog Love

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Season's greetings!  Hope you're all well.  It's below freezing and windy outside, but I'm settled in with ginger lemon tea, good company, and warm socks.  

I was recently reading Hanh's blog recommendations and thought, "What a wonderful idea! 'Tis the season to share blog love."  I don't think I do this often enough even though I appreciate the community that builds over time in the blogosphere.  I'm grateful to those who spend time to interact, to link my blog, so I think it's time I pay it forward!  Blogging's given me a chance to interact with people around the world and be inspired by myriad points of view.  Here are a few of my favorite blogs that inspire:

•  deluminators  Jane is a med student (doctor now, eh?) from Sydney who shares her travels, literary finds, and personal tidbits.  Her essay on internalized racism, asian representation, and blogging is an eye opener.

•  Hanhabelle  I'm in awe of Hanh's beautiful photography.  Every photo feels light, airy, and calming -- even when working in artificial light.

•  JennifHsieh  Jenn writes a fashion blog that's a cut above the rest.  She's authentic and her sense of humor shines through every post.  A bit belated, but read her costume ideas from this year and try not to laugh.
•  Brunch at Audrey's  Audrey is a fellow woman in the STEM field who writes a lifestyle blog -- her posts often read as if she's writing to a friend.  Her DIY Secret Santa post had me in chuckles.

•  Daisybutter  I've read Michelle's blog for years and watched it grow as she did.  I love that she's not afraid to tackle meatier topics

As I was compiling this list, I realized that there are more blogs I love than I can fit into one post.  I will be doing a monthly Five to Follow feature starting in January to spread the blog love!

What are some of your favorite blogs?  Leave me some recommendations (even your blog)!