Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sunday #27: A Little Bit of Everything

christmas, holiday decorations, lumière & lens

I'm really excited for the holidays this year.  Are you?  Last year, I went to visit my boyfriend's family in December and had my first proper Christmas, tree and all.  I am glad I experienced my first Christmas as an adult -- it showed me how much that holiday is about family, friends, love, and warmth.  In about two weeks, we will be flying out to Chicago to spend Christmas, and I can't wait!  

In the meantime, however, there's much to be done . . .


I've been hunkered down over my computer for much of this weekend, preparing slides for a presentation tomorrow.  At this point, I'm taking a break because my slides are mostly finished. When I do literature presentations, I always pick a paper in an unfamiliar field to learn something new.  This does make for a rough few days, but you can't grow if you're always comfortable, right? 


My roommates/boyfriend came home from a brewery on Saturday to hang out at the house.  I took a few sneaky photographs of them lest you all think I live in a vacuum and only take pictures of inanimate objects.  Yes, we have a giant cow painting someone got from a Christmas party over our fireplace (which we're not allowed to use because Fire Hazard, wut).  Doesn't everyone have a giant cow painting?  Anyways, even though I was sort of working at the living room table, it was nice to have company buzzing around our house.  I'm a huge nesting hermit and a crowd makes the place feel warmer.


Lastly, two of my girlfriends wanted to do some shopping and I decided I'd go out for a short while since I'd been cooped up all weekend.  The shopping district was so festive (see photo #1).  I didn't buy anything except coffee, but I did find a great tea place.  I'm thinking some loose leaf blends might make for a great gift! 

Okay, okay.  Enough blogging.  Back to work!


•  Someone Else's Rib - a poem recommended by my friend Anu.
•  Black Gold - photo story on the sale of Chinese hair for extensions: exploitative, disturbing, and cerebral.
•  I watch Love, Actually nearly every holiday season so here's Jezebel's delightful rip on it (circa 2013).


  1. Loose leaf teas are the best, I love all the difference flavours!

    Hanh | Hanhabelle

  2. Your place looks super cosy! And omg yes Jackbox is the best when it comes to holiday season, I played it last week too and it's hilarious... and don't forget Cards Against Humanity. Good luck with the presentation, I'm sure you'll do superb with all that prep you've been doing ;-)

    Cherie | sinonym

  3. I love your reflection in that Christmas ornament! :) Those teas look amazing!!

  4. So much tea! I hope Chicago isn't too cold for your visitt

    nat // dignifiable

  5. I knew my apartment was missing something... the fireplace cow!!! I have a fireplace elephant instead :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. Oh yeah, I'm definitely excited about the holidays this year. We all need a little cheer! This is a lovely post, and good luck on your presentation!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  7. Looks like a perfect Sunday! I can't wait for the holidays :)


  8. I love your photos. Details and candids are really my favourites - the best way to capture a slice of life!


  9. but that giant cow tho :D
    By the way, what are those in the last pictures? tea blend? I wish time passes quickly so you'll be relieved from all those presentation. I'm loving how your place looks like! So far from mine haha

    Love, Kandice & Thoughts

  10. Loose leaf tea sounds like the perfect Christmas gift
    that giant cow is pretty cool!
    good luck for your presentation

    The Sweetest Escape

  11. dying at fireplace cow. accurate! and omg tea would be a perfect gift. yes to everything!