Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cheap Thrills: Beauty Under $10

Essie Nail Polish, Affordable beauty, Beauty Products Under $10

Life is expensive, but your beauty favorites don't have to be.  Since I'm cheap thrifty, I've gotten pretty good at finding inexpensive products that also perform well.  There are some products I'll go a bit more high end on, but a lot of my favorite are less than $10.  Here are some of my most used affordable products!

Smith's Rosebud Salve ($6).  Rosebud Salve and I are going on 10 years as my go to treatment for chapped lips, dry spots, and sporadic eczema.  It helps to moisturize, soften, and protect the skin.  It's very lightly scented.  I also like a thin coat underneath matte lipsticks or pencils.  

Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow in Caramel ($8).  A warm gold creme shadow that imparts a sheen across the eyelids.  This has been my go to for days when I want to do something quick and simple on the eyes.  The staying power is okay; I'd say the Maybelline Color Tattoos last longer, but this shadow is creamier.

Life-flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil ($8).  Oils are a skincare staple for me.  When I'm not using my DIY facial oil mix, I'm using straight rosehip seed oil on my skin.  I put a few drops on my fingers and spread this over toned skin.  Top with moisturizer and sunscreen.  Voila, glowing skin all day. 

Essie Nail Polish ($9).  Once upon a time, I used to buy nail polish from Chanel.  Then I was like, "LOL, girl, that's too expensive.  Check yoself."  Nowadays, all my nail polish comes from the drugstore.  My favorite brand is Essie; they have a lot of colors and a decent formula.  My current favorites are Sugar Daddy (pale, nude pink), Angora Cardi (mauve), and Pret-A-Porter (that periwinkle blue)!  

What are your cheap thrills?  Anything you'd recommend for a tenner?


  1. These are lovely suggestions, I haven't tried Revlon's shadows but I love Maybelline's, so I might have to give them a go. Also, I like the sound of that oil. I would really recommend Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, it's amazing and super affordable as well :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. HAHAHAH "CHECK YOSELF". That's hilarious, but I can also imagine me saying that outloud to myself. I also talk to myself *a lot*. Anyway, deviating from the actual post - I actually didn't like the Maybelline color tattoos, they dried up super quickly for me and I had to get rid of it.I do love your Essie pick of that mauve though, it looks gorgeous! Now I want it.

    I really like essential oils - cheap and a great alternative for $$$$ candles!

  3. I was saying to my colleague I wouldn't even pay £10 for nail polish these days, haha. I love the idea of those cream eye shadows but they wouldn't last a minute on my oily lids!

    My cheap thrills would be any Maybelline mascaras :)

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  4. I'm a big fan of both Essie nail polish and Smith's Rosebud Salve. Such great products and good value :)


  5. Those nail colours are to die for.. I am obsessed! I am loving your blog too, you should be really proud of all your hard work! x

  6. That rosehip oil is so cheap! It's around $20 AUD here (but I only get it when there are sales). A tenner doesn't get me too far here (☺) but I do like the maybelline liquid eyeliners!

    nat // dignifiable

  7. I don't wear much makeup... but I love the NYX eyebrow pencil, and that's pretty cheap!

    jane / deluminators

  8. I have been thinking of Essie Nail Polish for a long time now. But when I encountered it, I wasn't really sure if it is worth the money even if it was worth the money. $9 aint really cheap here in Thailand for nail polish haha! I love the colors though! Next time I will surely buy it!

    Love, Kandice