Thursday, February 02, 2017

Portfolio: Elizabeth

50 mm portrait, nifty fifty, portraiture
50 mm lens, 50 mm portrait, nifty fifty
50 mm lens, 50 mm portrait, nifty fifty

Happy Thursday!  Things on my end are pretty busy at the moment so my posting on Lumière & Lens has been quite sparse.  I'm aiming to start batch photographing / drafting.  If you have tips, please do leave them in the comments!  Now, on to the photos!

Meet Elizabeth, a fellow scientist, artist, and freckle-kissed friend.  She is the first person I booked to photograph in the new year and one of my favorite subjects.  I love how her red hair sets off her luminous green eyes and she's an absolute delight to direct (i.e., she takes it very well).  Our friends think she resembles Jennifer Lawrence a bit, too!  This is the shoot in my review of my straightener from Irresistible Me, by the way.  Look at that waterfall of hair I got to work with!  

I have two more shoots booked and then I'm going to just cool it for awhile because I'll have worked on photography for five weekends in a row.  I have the two "official" gigs in late February and March.  They're sneaking up on me!  Time is fleeting.  Hope your week is going well!

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  1. her hair is to die for! and those freckles, oh! you did so well, alyse!