Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday #36: Spring

February blooms in Los Angeles.

Southern California has gotten a lot of rain this winter season so things have been blooming and green lately.  ICYMI, we've had a severe drought for the past few years.  Southern California really can't handle the precipitation because we had a huge storm and calamity ensued.  I never complain about rain, though.  I hope we get more of it!


I've never been one for Valentine's Day because I think it's mostly a commercial holiday.  My boyfriend and I decided to keep it low key and make dinner together.  We had ribeye steak, potatoes, and sauteed kale with mushrooms.  I've eaten kale pretty much every day this week because its such a tasty way to eat vegetables!  I did get roses which I was very surprised about because we don't really celebrate the day.

Garlic bread, baked potato, sauteed kale with mushrooms, and ribeye steak!


This weekend was a lot of last minute plans.  I was supposed to go to a lounge on Saturday, but we all had to bail for different reasons.  In grad schools, our advisors are always pushing us so the work is never ending.  Living in a house of graduate students means we're oscillating from stressor to stressor.  However, on Saturday, my boyfriend and I got out of the house to grab dinner with our roommates at an ale house.  We had company at our house afterwards and I managed to grab a fantastic candid shot of our friend Nick. 

The ale house.

A candid photograph of Nick.

I've taken an easy Sunday.  Tomorrow is President's Day, an institute holiday at my university, but most of us will probably still go into lab.  Let's be real, who feels like celebrating in our current climate?  I'm off to make dinner (we're having sauteed vegetables and deep dish pizza from Giordano's in Chicago) and get some work done before the night's over.  

Hope you're all having a good Sunday!  What did you get up to on Valentine's Day and/or this week?


  1. How long has the drought lasted in Cali now? I feel like it has been so many years now!

    I didn't do anything on Valentine's Day at all; just my usual after work rituals, namely reading a book in bed

    nat // dignifiable

  2. Great photos. It sounds like a pretty good Valentine's Day. My husband and I don't really celebrate, but we always like to have dinner together. This time around, I was in New York without him, so we just had a nice weekend together.
    I can't believe how much it rained while I was away. I actually love it. I love how green it looks. I am from a humid climate from the East Coast, so I'm not a fan of the brown and yellow landscaping. I love when it rains! SoCal looks so much nicer after some downpour. Less smoggy skies and green hills!


  3. Ooh yum that Valentine's dinner looks amazing! Good call eating in.

    Jane / deluminators

  4. What a lovely dinner you made! :) Same, we kept it lowkey. Instead, Jesse made dinner for me because you know.. I can't cook! :D

    Love, Kandice

  5. Oh that's such a nice dinner! We don't celebrate Valentines either - this year we just watched Youtube and ate a curry I'd defrosted (so technically I cooked...) - very chilled out and non-romantic.
    It's so lovely that things are beginning to bloom again, it feels like spring is almost here now. It's funny reading about places that don't get much rain though - I'd happily send you some from London, we get far too much!! xx

  6. I like having an egg on top of my sauteed kale! I'll try sauteeing it with mushrooms next time too :D Love mushrooms. Will try to incorporate in any dish. // My college didn't get classes off for President's Day ): but we did see many more campus tours going on! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely time this week. I didn't do much on Valentine's day other than going to bowling with few of my uni friends. Not one to celebrate this day :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  8. I honestly hope we get more rain too! It's funny how we were in a drought and wanted rain; now that we have rain a lot of people are complaining cause roads are flooding, dams are breaking. Oh California, only you.

    Where bouts in California are you at? If you don't mind me asking :3

    cabin twenty-four

  9. I stayed in with my boyfriend on Valentine's day too. I prefer it than doing something over the top or dining out.

  10. so sweet of him to get you roses <333 i'm glad you had a great week, bae!

  11. Oh, blossoms are my favourite. That photo of them is lovely! It's starting to feel spring-like in Scotland although it's still pretty cold, it's making me so much happier. I'm the same about valentines day - I had a surprise day off so I just hung out with my boyfriend together and we also made a nice dinner together! Your Sunday sounds pretty good xx