Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday #37: Finding Calm

The last Sunday of February.

Somehow, the last Sunday in February is upon us.  I can't believe two months of 2017 are almost over!  It's been a whirlwind of a busy week.  After getting home from lab today, my partner/boyfriend and I did housework together before heading out for a ramen dinner.  I think it's a common misconception that moving in means you automatically spend more time with your significant other.  We haven't had much time together lately because of our busy schedules so it's nice to find some calm and time in each other's company.  We're finishing our weekend with a relaxing, quiet night at home. 


I started off the week by student hosting a visiting professor, followed by a dinner in honor of an annual special seminar at my university.  On Wednesday, I went to an outreach event with my friend Betty in support of engaging girls in the STEM fields.  It was my first outreach event and an incredibly rewarding experience.  The event put young girls in touch with women in STEM and aimed to deliver the message that women in science were multifaceted (and that they could be whatever they wanted!).  I wish there had been more of such events when I was younger!  I finished out the week with lab meeting and another event on Thursday.  By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I was too darn wiped after a full day in lab to do anything, but go right home.  Suffice to say I only made it twice to the gym this week.  Oops. 


I think it's time I upgrade my DSLR.  As a student, a full frame camera is out of the question, but I'm thinking of getting a better crop-sensor DSLR from Canon.  My Canon 1000D is about 8 years old and the technology is horribly out of date.  I'm thinking of using a little bit of my tax refund towards a better camera body so I can create more professional quality work.  I'm sharing a few candids from the weekend; the noise in the photo taken in low light is pretty obvious!  What camera do you use or would you recommend? 

Trevor in natural light.
Adam. ISO 1600. 


In this coming week, I do my first time-for-prints shoot with a singer who contacted me on Instagram.  I'm nervous about working with a complete stranger, but it's experience I need!  My photo buddy is coming with me since my partner's out of town on a conference that week.  In about two weeks, I'm shooting headshots at my university, so it's going to be quite a few weeks of pushing outside my comfort zone.  Wish me luck!


•  Kristabel shared her experience as a black blogger in the UK.  A VERY important post that stresses the need for diversity and better representation because they 100% impact our expectations.
•  Hanh left her job to pursue her dream of being a full-time videographer.  An inspiring post on not giving up on yourself and chasing what your heart wants.

Tell me about your week!  x


  1. Looks like some exciting projects coming up! I actually "downgraded" my old DSLR to the in between interchangeable lens cameras, saved my back! But doesn't look as impressive for professional shooting.

  2. Busy you have been! Good luck with the new projects, sounds like something you'd enjoy. Like Jane, I also "downgraded" because a DSLR would be too heavy for me so I use a Fuji X-T10, cropped sensor but amazing quality with interchangeable lens.

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  3. Oh good luck, lots of exciting things happening! In terms of upgrading, I use the Canon 750d which is really nice (I love the wifi function and flip out screen) and the difference in quality between it and my old 1100d was immediately noticeable, so I would recommend! Still hankering for a full frame though... sigh. xx

  4. i'm here because of the guys loljk. i think you did well in photography already, considering you 'only' use 1000D! i heard bad things about it in the past but gurl you made it a much coveted camera to me! i also think it depends on what camera you're looking for. is it for actual serious photography with intricate buttons, or quick snap but powerful like those mirrorless/prosumer. most friends of mine used fuji (XM series being the most sought out).

    i hope you have a slow week after such hecticness! <3