Tuesday, March 21, 2017

One of Those Days

Today has been one of those days. 

In the morning, I wore the wrong shoes to lab and realized it halfway on my bike ride to campus.  I changed into my backup shoes in my office and realized I'd forgotten my laptop charger.  At noon, I bought a banh mi sandwich from the campus cafe, only to realize that the chicken meat was suspiciously pink when I opened the container.  After settling for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, my colleague and I walked to get the Pringles I was craving from the campus convenience store, but it was closed for remodeling.  On top of all this, the samples I'd hope would be done freeze drying for an assay today were still not ready by the end of the day.  

Le sigh.

However, I persist in looking on the bright side which is the stroll my colleague and I took through the campus gardens after our failure to attain Pringles.  Spring has fully arrived in Southern California, as the blooms and my allergies will confirm.  In addition to the greenery, which have received much needed rain this year, there are pink, white, and purple flowers blooming all over campus.  Don't ask me what they are; I'm not a botanist.

I go to this garden during coffee breaks sometimes because the sound of water running through the pond is soothing.  There are also koi fish and turtles who always look grumpy.  Sometimes, I observe the local families who bring their children to our campus during the day.  The children like to look for turtles and lick bricks (saw this with my own eyes).  

All things considered, I suppose the day wasn't a complete loss.  I snapped these photographs on my old camera, assembled all my materials for tomorrow, and planned out experiments to run.  I managed to hit the gym for the first time this week and am now enjoying a dinner of linguine with mushroom sauce.

Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. Licking bricks? Interesting. I'm sorry that your day was such a bummer, but I love that you've looked at the highlights of the day as well. I hope the rest of your week runs much smoother!

    Amber - amberelb.com

  2. Aw man sorry to hear nothing went to plan. Your campus is beautiful, at least! Hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Don't worry days like these really make you look forward to a new day :) These photos have really cheered me up, it's so cold and rainy in London today.

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  4. I like your optimistic attitude! I used to get so angry whenever something small goes wrong in my day but worst things happen to people and I try to be more accepting and move on these days. I hope today is a better one! Love the photos and your access to the garden though, no such thing here except smoke and smog on the street. /cough

  5. Well, that's nothing comparing to a week of unfortune! But we are storng women, we will work it out eventualy! Great photos! Those purple flowers are incredible!

    P.S.: I am your newest follower on your blog!
    Would you like to follow me back?
    Hugs and kisses!
    Enchanted Ana


  6. I'm sorry you had one of those days. Well, at least you did something more productive, at least they will brighten up your day :)

  7. The flowers are so pretty! And did you get a new logo??

  8. Alyse, I admire you for your positive outlook on life despite having a crappy day - good for you. I'd probably be in tears over the frustration of it all.

    Spring is looking so beautiful this year in California! The cool weather has been staying too - which I personally like :)

  9. We all sometimes have one of those days but I love how you managed to look at the bright side. I think it's important to do so in order to enjoy life and be simply happy :) Loving the shots of those beautiful flowers. Ah, I love spring! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  10. I guess that's the main thing, tomorrow is a new day. The pictures of this day sure make up for a lot... they're blooming beautiful. :) How wonderful you can stroll around there during your breaks.

  11. Ahh I hate "one of those days" - feel like I've been having that for like a month! I love the photography and this place looks so nice for a break away when you want to clear your head, I like the saying "a bad day doesn't mean a bad life" when I have a bad day, tomorrows a new day :) x


  12. man, that sucks :( /hugs but i guess you need to have that kind of day to have the fully opposite positive one. i hope such day is coming real soon. the photos are lovely. exactly what i need to start my week. sending loves and jujus to you, alyse! <3