Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday #39: Frames Per Second

Hanging by a fountain this week with my lab face.  Photo by @bigboiquach

You know what I like most about Sundays?  Starting my morning in a nest of blankets, sunlight streaming in from my window and with coffee in hand.  I had a lab meeting on Saturday so I'm taking a break from lab today.  Who doesn't love a slow, simple start to a Sunday?  I hope your morning was peaceful as well.


Last weekend, I provided complimentary professional headshots for the women in my academic community.  I gave the organizer a three week timeline, but I was so excited about post-processing that I sent the final images off on Thursday.  Since then, I've had lovely emails and positive feedback from people who are quite happy with the work I did!  One woman even asked me to do an engagement session!  I'm currently putting together images for a portfolio though I'm not sure if I should go with Carbonmade or Squarespace. 

I was also tapped by a videographer (Lost Art Creative) on Instagram to do some artistic portraits this weekend.  We did most of the photoshoot on his Sony a7SII.  It was my first time using that camera; it was an interesting (and initially disorienting) experience to work on high end mirrorless equipment!  Here are two of the final images.

Photos shot on a Sony a7S II (left) and a Canon Rebel 1000D (right). 


The limitations of my dear old Canon 1000D have become increasingly apparent to me as I've gained photographic experience.  I firmly believe that it's the photographer who makes the image and not the camera.  However, my Canon 1000D has outlived its usefulness in terms of producing the quality of images that are up to the modern standards.  It shoots at just 3 fps, exhibits apparent noise at higher ISO speeds, and is just 10.2 MPs.  I finally bit the bullet this past weekend and purchased a Canon 750D body as a refurbished product directly from the manufacturer!  I got an additional 15% off so it was within the budget I had set.  In a perfect world, I would've liked a full frame camera, but it's a good intermediate until I can afford a professional model.  I'm so excited for the new camera to arrive; it has 24 MPs AND shoots HD video!  Perhaps YouTube videos are a possibility for Lumière & Lens.  What do you think? 


Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie -- I always loved that Belle wasn't shallow and read books.  My boyfriend and a few friends are going to see the live action version tonight.  We're leaving in a few minutes and I'm quite excited!  I know it got pretty decent reviews so I can't wait to tuck in with buttered popcorn for a few hours.  If you're seeing it (or have), do leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Update: Beauty and the Beast was okay.  Pretty hyped, a little bloated in parts, but entertaining.


•  Plugging my posts from this week: homemade apple pie and my complexion heroes.
•  Cherie talks about the cookie cutter culture in the blogosphere and I thought, "SHOUT IT, SISTER!"


  1. I'll be seeing Beauty and the beast tomorrow - hope you and your man have a good time. I hope the movie lives up to the hype!

  2. I adored Beauty and the Beast as a kid and I am scared to watch the live action. I am not a fan of Emma Watson at all and I fear that it is also way over hyped :( How was the singing?

    nat // dignifiable

  3. Glad to hear your photography projects are coming along well! Exciting to hear about the new camera too.

  4. Ahhh so happy that your photography project and work are coming to fruition, I'm rootin' for ya! And what I love most about your portraits is that they're natural, real-life and no-nonsense (in a good way) - unlike the overblown 'pretty' image that's going round. Blah.

    Aw, at least BATB was entertaining! I want to catch the movie version but wondering if they'll screen in on-board when I am due to fly in May so I don't have to spend $20 for a ticket here, ha. Thanks for sharing my post, I love that it rivals with your yummy apple pie recipe ;-)

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  5. Ahh so many exciting photography things going on! I remember when you first talked about building a portfolio on your blog :D Collabs are always fun, and I never anticipate the opportunities that arise afterward! An engagement shoot sounds like a lot of fun :) // I watched Beauty and the Beast last weekend! It was a nostalgic experience, and I love Emma Watson, although a friend who watched it with me didn't enjoy her so much in the movie :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. is it just me or is buying new camera gear the GREATEST FEELING EVER. So excited for you:) and it's great you've found these opportunities to explore your creative side in an academic setting!

  7. Wow, it's awesome that your photography projects are going so well! That must be so exciting. Haven't watched Beauty and the Beast yet because it does seem over-hyped to me, although I'm probably going to watch it anyways because hello, it's my childhood in a movie ;P

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud

  8. Oh this post is very interesting. I guess is great have the opportunity to try new photography equipment

  9. 750D is a solid choice, man. i can't wait to see you do wonders with it! how's sony in your opinion? i found it quite odd. definitely takes some time to get used to but somehow it just understands me. i quite like it.

    i'm gonna watch beauty and the beast this weekend djdjdjdj will talk to you after! oh, i like the new logo bub! <3