Saturday, April 15, 2017

Brand Love: Lumene Skincare

Review of Lumene Skincare, Lumière & Lens
A review of Lumene skincare.

I've done it.  I've found the trifecta of skincare in Lumene: effective, photogenic, and luxurious, all on the high street.  You may ask, "Why does photogenic matter?"  Because I write a blog and like to take pretty pictures, OK?  On the real, I love the simple and clean design of the packaging, from the minimal embellishments to the lightweight sans serif fonts.  

A quick aside: when I first started seeing my boyfriend, I would only use skincare from Sephora because of my problematic complexion.  Apparently, one of the first things I said incredulously when peaking into his medicine cabinet was, "You use skincare from the drugstore?"  Palm: meet face.  I ate my words not long after that when I realized I could get perfectly good skincare without spending all my $$$ and could relegate those funds to makeup groceries and bills instead.  

Lumene is on the higher end of drugstore products, but there was recently a big sale at my local pharmacy.  I picked up a few things: Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist, Valo Glow Boost Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence, Lahde Intense Hydration 24 Hour Moisturizer, and Valo Overnight Bright Vitamin C Sleeping Cream . . . all for about $50.  It was a VERY.  SATISFYING.  EXPERIENCE. 

Lumene Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist, Lumene Glow Boost Essence, Lumene Skincare Review, Lumière & Lens

It was quite a bit to buy all at once, but it turns out that Lumene is effective and non-irritating on the complexion. My skin is brighter and the redness in my cheeks has diminished.  My skin feels softer and I've had no breakouts from these new products.  I typically wash my face, pat it dry, and follow it with the Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist. While my skin is damp, I put a few drops of essence on my fingertips and pat it onto my face. This is also the first time I've consistently used an essence -- I think the hyaluronic acid makes a big difference in smoothness and hydration. 

Lumene Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist, Lumene Glow Boost Essence,

The two creams I picked up are of a thicker consistency.  During the day, I prefer lighter moisturizers under makeup, but I love using these in the evening.  After I've toned, applied the essence, and my DIY facial oil serum, I top off with a thick layer of either one of these creams.  Occasionally, I use the Intense Hydration Moisturizer and follow up with the Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream right before bed.  I think if you like luxury/department store quality skincare, Lumene is a great brand to check out!

Have you tried (or plan to purchase) any products from Lumene?  I'm eying up the Brightening Hydra-Oil . . .


  1. For a second I thought it said "lumiere" and thought, that's so cool! She uses beauty products that have the same brand as her blog name! Bahahaha, wow. $50 for all those? Definitely a steal. Also, you're right about their packaging - simple and rather photogenic.

  2. That's an amazing sale! $50 for everything. I hope they have a sale at my local drugstore too because I have redness on my cheeks and I hope this will work to eliminate that.