Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday #41: Birthday Squad

Sunday birthday dinner at Bottega Louie.

Happy Sunday, folks!  I hope y'all had a good week.  Mine was pretty busy -- there was a meeting or seminar to attend nearly every day this week around which I had to fit my experiments.  Busy isn't calm, but it's good.  I've learned that it's always better to have too much work in graduate school than not enough, though.  This week, my advisor dropped news of some big changes at work and I'm feeling the ticking of the clock.  I need to find employment, pass my proposals exam, defend, and graduate.  That's a lot to do before December!


My roommates and their friend all play together in a band.  They had a jam session on Saturday that I took as an opportunity to photograph musicians in action.  My roommate Trevor (the bassist) is one of the most photogenic men I know so I inevitably aim the lens at him for extended periods of time. I was impressed by their musical prowess and less so by the fuzziness of the photos at higher ISO with slower shutter speeds to capture rapidly moving people.  Another photography lesson learned!

After the jam session, we grabbed burgers and came home to watch Doctor Strange, which is the most soporific Marvel movie I've ever seen.  I dozed off within twenty minutes of watching the film, as did Trevor.  I was convinced that Doctor Strange was going to turn into Goku halfway through the movie.  I'm glad I didn't sit through it in theaters.


The girls and I went out to celebrate Tami's birthday this Sunday.  Our friend suggested Bottega Louie in Downtown LA so we left around 4:00 PM today and it was quite a trip!  I have pretty awful motion sickness so we had to pull over about 0.5 miles from the restaurant.  Guess what yours truly did? Spectacularly upchucked in the middle of LA?  You betcha! #Weaksauce, but we got a few good laughs out of it.

Our friend suggested, "Let's take a picture!  You can put this on your blog!"  So here I am with Tami, looking like a hot mess while she grins.  The girls were impressed that my makeup stayed intact after the whole ordeal.  Small victories, you know?  This nice man on the street ran into a nearby grocery store and got me some water.  Very kind of him.  I must've looked like someone who'd been day drinking too hard!

Afterwards, we split pizzas at Bottega Louie, which is one of the most Instagram-able places I've ever seen, followed by a dessert of macarons.  It was a fun dinner with vivacious personalities, loud conversations, and laughter, which is how good company ought to be.  The older I get, the more I appreciate good company and kind people.  

Bottega Louie, Lumière & Lens

It's getting pretty late here so I'm going to sign off and get ready for another busy week ahead.  I'm still feeling a little tired and dehydrated so I'm going to rest up.  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Feel free to let me know about yours in the comments -- I read every one!


  1. Happy Monday Alyse! Oh wow Bottega Louie is all kinds of pastels and cute. Sounds like things are busy with you, hope you manage to get some rest this week! I've been doing home decor - building furniture is not fun!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear you threw up! Was it purely motion sickness or had you been ill? Glad it didn't seem to impact on your enjoyment of pizza. Good luck for the upcoming week!

  3. I love that your friends wanted to take a photo after your incident! Goodluck with the next week (and also December is so far away, I am sure you will fit everything in and complete them!)

    nat // dignifiable

  4. That looks like such a pretty place to dine at! And I am with you girl with the whole motion sickness thing. I suffer from it so badly. It is very very annoying.

    I think it'll be so cool to know people in a band. I kinda have those stereotypical images of people rocking out in a garage like in the movies, in my head haha

    Emily |

  5. Love that picture of you and Tami - bad on the motion sickness though. Same thing happened to me while I was in New York, had to dart straight to the Guggenheim toilets to err, empty my stomach's contents. Glad you could still have pizza thought ;-) I just got back from Greece yesterday and straight into work today so feeling pretty sleepy!

  6. Happy belated birthday Tami! #squadgoalz. Haha that photo of Tami squatting beside you :P My friends do that sometimes to (I mean, not squatting beside me as I try to overcome motion sickness, but you know, helping me get some quality content on the blog in other ways). Gotta love their enthusiasm and support for the blog! <3 & how nice of that man! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. Ah, sorry to hear about the motion sickness. Do you get that all the time? I've noticed I get that when I sit in the back of my dad's Honda Accord :( Being the back of that car makes me feel so gross - not entirely sure if it's the actual motion of the car making me sick or the tiny space? Odd isn't it.

    I hope you're feeling better and I honestly would be that friend taking a picture right next to your nauseous self xD

  8. Oh no!! I hope the trip back wasn't as bad? At least it makes a funny story?

    Bottega Louie looks amazing! All those French desserts. It looks like a modern version of Lauduree.