Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sunday #42: Cat Socks

handknit, knit socks, cat socks, knitting, Lumière & Lens
Cat socks, painting, and the moon.

Do you like my new socks?  My best friend Gina hand knit and sent them to me in the post.  She's coming to visit me next week for a few days and I can't wait!  I'm currently at home, recovering from a cold (I've had symptoms off/on this week so it might be allergies?).  I plan to make a trip into lab later and a short photo shoot with a fellow graduate student at my university.  I'm much more accustomed to photographing females so this will be interesting!  ICYMI, I also shared tips on improving your photography this week.  Clicky, clicky. 


I picked up a large canvas (36" x 48") recently in the interest of painting again.  I haven't painted seriously or consistently since high school, when I had access to a studio and a dedicated two periods a day to work.  My friend Roberta is a fantastic artist and she inspired me to start working on traditional art again.  In the grips of my cold yesterday, I turned my front porch into a makeshift art studio.  I bundled up, drank copious cups of tea with honey, and reacquainted myself with the feeling of paint on canvas.  Here's the laying down of the painting's foundation. 

Lumière & Lens, Painting, Acrylic painting
Lumière & Lens, Painting, Acrylic painting
Detail of painting.

I also managed to ruin my 7 For All Mankind jeans with paint.  Before you gasp, know that I buy all my designer jeans at consignment shops because I work in a lab.  This way, I can wear nice jeans, but not be heartbroken when they're ruined.  Now I have a pair of painter's jeans and an excuse to buy a new pair because I've ripped my Topshop skinnies as well.  Whoops.


I also decided to take my new camera out mid-week and aim it at the moon with my roommate's 28-200mm zoom lens.  Check out those craters!  Unlike my old camera, I don't have to downsize the image to keep the sharpness.  Am I going to be an astrophotographer any time soon?  Probably not, but it was nice to get a closer look of the celestial body that orbits our planet. 

Moon photography, astrophotography, Lumière & Lens
Moon on 4/5/17 (left) and 4/8/17 (right) as view from Southern California. 

Speaking of celestial bodies, have any of you seen the movie Another Earth?  It's a fantastic science fiction drama that introduced me to the work of Brit Marling.  Marling is the co-creator and star of the Netflix show The OA.  My boyfriend and I tore through the entire first season over the weekend.  It's a suspenseful and intriguing narrative.  The storytelling is some of the best I've ever seen.  I love how the show blurs the lines between science fiction, drama, and romance.  It's hard to put it into one definitive genre.


I finally finished compiling pieces for my photography portfolio this week. You can see it here, if you're interested.  I've showed a few people at work and my boss's secretary put up some of my work across from her desk to build a gallery wall.  She encouraged me to submit pieces to my university's art and literary magazine so I sent some photographs in this week!

Let me know what you think?  I'm open to constructive feedback, positive or negative.  I'm definitely focusing on building up my portfolio in 2017, so if you're in the Los Angeles area, don't hesitate to drop me a note if you want to collaborate!

I'm off now to make the most of this Sunday.  Let me know about your weekend in the comments? XOXO


  1. The shots of the moon are incredible!!! You can see so much detail.

    My weekend was filled with food and a 8.4km walk around a lagoon in an attempt to be a bit healthier (and to also enjoy the 27 degrees).

    nat // dignifiable

  2. Those pictures of the moon are breathtaking, gorgeous captures!

    7% Solution

  3. another earth was fantastic. i love everything about it. and brit marling is simply a darling. shame that it rarely picks up on radar! and those photos of moon are simply gorgeous, alyse. how???

    good luck on building your photography career, alyse! you're on great track already <3


  4. Wow those moon shots are beautiful! Those socks are amazing too, can't believe they were handmade haha.

  5. That canvas is just beautiful, as are the shots of the moon! So much creative talent, Alyse!

  6. I need those socks in my life. The shots you took of the moon are so beautiful, Alyse!

  7. LOVE THOSE MOON SHOTS. And those socks. Friends who knit are great, I need to get me some of those haha. This weekend was tiring (!!) with lots and lots of working and we checked into Stamford last night so it's been interesting so far!

  8. Amazing capture of the moon.

    I used to ruin my clothes when I used to paint. I ended up dedicating painting clothes so I won't ruin the rest of my clothes.

  9. I've loved seeing your portfolio grow and can't wait to see more! Your boss's secretary is awesome for being so supportive! // Also those socks are A M A Z I N G. aaaaand she knit them????? precious :') -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  10. You're such a wonderful artist. Those socks are so sweet, and I'm really into those moon shots! I need a lens like that in my life ASAP!

    Amber -

  11. THOSE MOON SHOTS. I was freaking out about the one you posted on Instagram, haha. You've been killing it with your photography lately. Also, I need those cat socks in my life. They're calling to meeeee!


  12. the photos of the moon are fantastic! I'm happy you finally have portfolio. I love to look at your works :)