Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday #44: Good Bread, Acts of Kindness

Lumière & Lens, fresh bread, flaylay, wooden flatlay, europane
Rosemary currant bread and coffee on a sunny morning.

Hey, you!  Hope you're well.  It's a drowsy Sunday and I'm gearing up with my second cup of coffee.  On the agenda today are house tasks, a workout, and data work to send my advisor before the weekend is over.  I'm doing some work with The 100 on --if you like post-apocalyptic science fiction, you'll like this show!  Now, on to the post!


Right after I shared a bit of realism on this blog, I had a rough night.  I broke the crock pot and cut my hand open on the serrated ceramic edge.  While flossing vigorously that night, I accidentally unbonded a part of my permanent retainer.  I then felt ill and didn't sleep until past 3:00 AM.  The following morning, I dropped my medication and spent awhile digging around for it in my room.  By the time I went into lab, I was a mess.  My colleague left Easter candy on my desk because she said, "You looked like you were having a really bad day."  Later that night, my boyfriend did all my dirty dishes so I wouldn't have to soak my cut hand.  I don't always think about it, but on that day, I appreciated the thoughtfulness of those acts of kindness.  It's the little acts of kindness that can really make a difference in someone's day and they inspire me to pay it forward.


I was invited to a dinner for my university's Y to meet the wonderful people who make student activities possible.  The guest lecture of the night was delivered by former Jet Propulsion Laboratory director Dr. Charles Elachi.  It was a fantastic talk on the accomplishments of the US in space in addition to being educational; I learned that moon formation can occur in the expansive rings around Saturn.  I also did a bit of photographic work this week: new headshots for my friend who is a junior professor and group photographs for a lab at my university.  The question I keep getting is, "So when are you going to start charging?"  I've been 100% focuses on portfolio building so far!


Half our house is gone this weekend on a backpacking trip.  The closest I will get to nature is camping -- I refuse to go backpacking because I'm NOT into that whole doing your business on the earth thing.  What I am into, however, is playing with Stella, but she went with my housemates and boyfriend so the house is TOO quiet this weekend.  I miss hearing the clicking of her feet against our wooden floors while she zips around all day!

Lumière & Lens, puppy, dog,

Looking forward to having her and my boyfriend home tonight!  I won't lie, though.  It's nice to have the whole bed to myself with candles lit, The 100 on, and not worrying about whether the stray light is keeping someone else up.  Just saying.


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•  Felicia writes about our culture of hate-following and shifting our focus towards love instead.
•  Gillian shares 10 small ways to save money.  Definitely going to make some changes!
•  Michelle takes tangible actions to beat the Sunday blues
•  How women and men are socialized to -- or not at all -- to apologize.

Tell me about your week?


  1. I'm sad about this. I wish I could be there to keep you company and to make you feel better a bit :(
    On the other hand, I'm happy that you are focused on your photography and your portfolio. I will always be here to admire your works :)

  2. Ah Alyse, hope you're holding up okay despite your many ailments! Sounds like you have a great team to keep you going though. And dayum, that bread. Looks amazing!

  3. Aw man, Alyse, so sorry about your hand :/ Put some triple antibiotic cream to hasten the healing process - usually works for me anyways. I feel the same way about backpacking, although I definitely would like to give it a try someday.

    cabin twenty-four

  4. Ahh, I'm so sorry to hear you've been having a rough time lately! I hope your hand's on the mend. I totally feel the same way about hiking haha, I wish I was a more outdoorsy person but just can't seem to get into it!

  5. I'm sorry about hearing about your rough night. It's always a blessing when you have people around you who try to brighten your day a bit. The little things count! Being in a lecture presented by someone in JPL or any of the likes is so cool. It's always fascinating to learn about space. Your headshots look 100%!

    I'm not a backpacking person either @__@. Hope you had a great night with your boyfriend and Stella back!

  6. I hope your hand is feeling better! At least you have people around you who care about you. They sound lovely. Also, I could never get into backpacking either. That's just too much for too long.

    I hope this new week treats you much better!

    Amber -

  7. Aw man, hope your hand's okay! That happened to me recently too, I dented the whole of our pot AND spilled out two days worth of food. That's the real life we don't talk about eh. THAT BREAD LOOKS GREAT THOUGH.

    Ahh, I'm not one for backpacking either - plus people would get annoyed with me with my constant need of bathrooms. I HOPE THIS WEEK IS MUCH BETTER! May the good vibes be with you!

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

  8. Thoughtful people makes life a lot better! Your boyfriend and co-worker are the sweetest! Hoping you have a better week.

  9. Yikes! You didn't need stiches for your cut? Hopefully all the bad luck / unfortunate events were contained in that week only. Hoping it improves from here.

    I had my last week of work (!!) and am currently in Tasmania on a short holiday between jobs. In fact, lying in the car right now checking blogs and hoping it will stop raining! Btw thanks for the link :)

    Nat // Dignifiable​

  10. i think you'll like hbo's the leftovers too then! it's pretty much the same with the 100 but more mature. only three season (this year is the last). i hope you could check it out!

    sorry to hear you've been having it rough over there, alyse :( i hope things are better by now. and its the little kindness, isn't it? the greatest medicine for the soul. i appreciate everyone who made your day better. hoping there's only better things coming up because you deserve it <3 STELLAAAA WHAT A BABE <3