Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday #45: A Feast of the World

Indonesian Dance, Lumière & Lens

Hiya!  I'm finally sitting down to write this because it's been a pretty packed week.  On top of graduate school related obligations, I've had two photoshoots and friends in town.  It's been a fun and action packed weekend, but I am pooped out!  


My friend Cat came into town; we met through our undergraduate research work and she was in town for the weekend.  She's one of the most interesting, honest, and intelligent women I know.  When we hung out it was as if we hadn't missed a day -- I think the best sorts of friendships are ones that are unperturbed by the passage of time.  Since I'm a photographer, you know I sat her down for one of my front yard portrait sessions!  We got some delicious ramen (take a shot every time this is mentioned on Lumière & Lens) and walked around while chattering at a mile/min.  YES!  Anyways, it was an awesome time and I was so glad to see her for the first time in years.


Our university had a world food and culture event this past week.  The event featured tables of food from countries around the world as well as performances at the end of the evening.  My friend (who is partially in charge of directing the event) asked me to photograph it so I came armed with my roommate's 28-200 mm lens and an empty stomach!  In our current political climate, I've learned to more deeply appreciate the celebration of multi-cultural events.  Some favorites: an Indonesian dance (see above) and a diabolo juggling performance!

Lumière & Lens, Chinese food
Chinese food as eaten in Hong Kong.
Lumière & Lens, Chilean food
Chilean delights!
Lumière & Lens, Diabolo performance
A diabolo juggling performance.



My boyfriend had good friends in town so we went to the La Brea Tar Pits and hung out in LA near LACMA.  It's a pretty cool museum filled with the skeletons of animals that have been retrieved from the tar pits.  There are tar pits on the grounds that you can look at as well as a site that is being actively excavated.  The museum houses the skulls of hundreds of direwolves, too!  I didn't even know they were real; I thought direwolves were just of Game of Thrones fiction.

Near the entrance of the Tar Pits Museum.

If you're in the LA area, I think both the Tar Pits and LACMA are worth a visit.  Bring your student ID -- you get a discount!


•  Patient Explorers - a photojournal by Kyle.  
•  A reflective piece by Louise on managing stress and living her best life
•  Tales by Light: a documentary series on Netflix on the physical journeys and experiences of photographers to capture their images.  An incredibly beautiful and inspiring series.


  1. I really wish I had a chance to visit the La Brea tar pits - it sounds interesting! Sounds like you had a fun week - that food looks amazing.

  2. That looks like a fun event especially the food part! I love sampling different dishes across the globe.

  3. I'm glad you had a great time catching up with your friend Cat while she was in town. Those kinds of friendships are the best kind in my opinion. My brother's middle school had a similar event this past weekend as well. I enjoy these taste around the world kinda events because you get to sample food from different countries and see different performances that make you appreciate other cultures even more!

  4. I love hanging out with people who are down to have their photos taken! And I love events that provide lots of food :3 Especially multicultural food, because there isn't much of that where I am studying T_T -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. It's always great whenever you hang out with someone and it's as if you've never separated! Your photography is on point!!! I love the depth and crisp of the pictures! The food looks delicious.

    I haven't been to La Brea Tar Pits in years. It's definitely one of my go-to places in LA. I feel like I'll bump into you in LA one of these days XD.

  6. Wow! the event is amazing. Having everything in one place! And I could really eat some Hongkong foods right now. I have my favorites haha! I'm always up for portrait sessions. Franziska is the only
    friend I'm comfortable dealing with so I take photos of her more. I really wish I could see my old friends again even just to catch up.

    Have a great day!
    Love, Kandice

  7. I love those food and cultural days where you can just try all these different kinds of foods from around the world.And I agree, the best friendships are when you don't see or even necessarily talk to each other every day but when you do get together, it's exactly the same as it was before. They're the best kinds!

    Emily |

  8. Fantastic colors, I love the red in that last shot! (And thanks for the link!)

  9. YOOO INDO REPRESENT! how do you like it? :DDD the food looks great too. oh. damn. i need some. and it's so happy you get to see a longtime friend! you had an amazing week. ah, i'm jelly! hope your current week is even better, alyse! x