Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunday #46: Extra

Lumière & Lens, Self Portrait
Lumière & Lens, Self Portrait
Cardigan: H&M, Band T-shirt: Death Cab for Cutie, Shorts: Lululemon courtesy of @vinyasaraptor

Hello, lovelies!  See what I did up there?   Throw back to my fashion blogging days!  On weekends, I either go makeup free or clean myself up, so here are self portraits from this week when I cleaned up.  Slightly.  It rained all weekend so the light was just perfectly diffused when I took these!



This week was pretty busy in lab.  I'm trying to finish out the last set of experiments for a manuscript.  I spent most of the week running assays and doing protein expression.  I didn't need to express that particular protein for my project, but I enjoy the process and wanted to do more hands-on work.  Protein expression requires sterile technique; one of my favorite things is actually the spraying of my gloves with ethanol.  It makes me feel like I'm about to go into surgery, for some reason!  Anyways, I was properly tired by the end of the week and went home to enjoy sparkling water with lime, as pictured here. 

Lumière & Lens, San Pellegrino Water



On Saturday, my friend Roberta and I went out to Old Town and walked out of MAC with one lipstick apiece (I nabbed Russian Red).  Spending time with her makes me want to take care of myself more.  She is one of the chicest women I know -- I feel like a troll standing next to her!  In the 4.5 years I've been in graduate school, I've "let myself go," so to speak.  Now I'm not saying that a woman is required to dress a certain way or wear makeup to be considered respectable, but I put a lot less thought into personal presentation than I did as a first year.  Hearing people say things like, "I remember you used to look so nice every day when you first started" gets old pretty fast.  Now I just need to figure out a way to work red lipstick into my lab look without being too extra.  #FirstWorldProblems



I had a photoshoot with a friend from another lab today. One of the questions people ask me a lot is, "When are you going to start charging?" I have rules: if I ask you to model, its not fair for me to charge you since it's time for prints. However, I'll give a rate for strangers who ask (as happened this week) which they can take or leave. At the end of the day, it's a lot of work to travel, shoot, and then post-process the amount of photos that I do.  Labors of love are still LABORS.

Lumière & Lens, Lumière & Lens Photography, Fashion Photography
A candid between takes on the photoshoot.

We were going to head into the Arts District in DTLA, but it was raining so much that I didn't want to commute for 30 minutes as the light of the day slipped away.  Of course, when we decided to stay local, the sun started to shine!  I'm sharing this great candid I snapped; I'm thinking of sharing a more complete photoset soon though they don't seem as popular here!



Our friends decided to make some homemade pasta so I'm currently enjoying a bowl of it while I process photographs and get ready for the coming week.  Of course, being me, I ran into the kitchen and started snapping.  I'm thankful to have people around who do not smack the camera out of my hand with the constant shutter clicking.  

Lumière & Lens, Homemade Pasta
Lumière & Lens, Homemade Pasta



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Your turn, lovelies.  What activities did you take part in this past week?


  1. I really love those first two photos of you, Alyse! The rain was amazing this past weekend; kinda bummed the temperature's going back up soon :(

    Ugh sterile technique - I have a love/hate relationship with that word/phrase. Sounds like you had a busy week, but if you enjoy it, then it shouldn't it be too bad. Hopefully this week isn't as busy and you get some downtown.

    Mmm, homemade pasta sounds so good right now.

  2. Love your self portraits! I think you're effortlessly chic though (all your insta snaps!) but that lipstick sounds like it'll seal the deal for whatever you have on :) Thanks for the link love, woop woop. This weekend I headed up to Leeds (2.5 hours on train from where I am) to meet some internet friends IRL and it was SO MUCH FUN! I also did more watercolouring, which I am really beginning to really get into.


  3. The homemade pasta looks amazing! I think you should definitely wear that Russian Red to lab. I have the same lipstick, I don't wear it anymore mainly cause I'm clumsy with it haha.

  4. Your photography is so good, love seeing your snaps and also you look gorgeous love the chilled vibe. Haha I know the feeling of not really making an effort, I remember I stopped wearing makeup to the office and got those 'you look tired' comments haha. You reminded me I need to to Mac Ruby Woo more!

    I shot a behind the scenes video for a fashion brand this weekend and got together with my family for my birthday :)

    Have a fab week Alyse xx

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  5. I love the pictures taken over the weekend! All I remembered was the slight hail and thunder from yesterday XD. Your lab sounds interesting. I love doing hands-on work because I feel like I retain the information better that way.

    I have a Russian Red lipstick from MAC as well! That's one of my favorites ;). I remembered putting lipstick on all of my security classes. I mean I stick out a bit but hey, that's how I roll!

    The shoot at the Arts District looks nice! Those homemade pasta looks awesome. I definitely need to give it a try some day ;).

    I was out of town last week but back in LA to enjoy the good vibes. Have a great week!

  6. Your photos are always so inspiring! I hate when people feel the need to comment on your appearance. I've had people do the same to me. Time passes, and you won't look like you did a few years ago, regardless of makeup. At least a red lip is pretty versatile! Be a little extra in the lab, why not? Also, isn't it wonderful when people don't mind a camera in their face?

    I hope you have a lovely new week!

  7. It sounds like you've had an amazing week! I'm drooling over that pasta <3

  8. Wow handmade pasta! Your friends are amazing. I've never even considered making my own pasta before. Also, I love Russian Red, it's my go-to Mac lipstick, such a great colour :)

  9. why are your friends so............. attractive! i always sigh a bit whenever you posted photos of your friends in ig because damn. even your surroundings and friends are full of aesthetic <3 HOMEMADE PASTAAAAAAAA MYYYYY PREECCIOOOUUUSSSS

    try to dab the lipstick on your lips instead of swiping it fully. this way it'll looks like your lips are tinted red. there's a channel in youtube named pony's makeup and i suggest you to look at her. she shared some lovely lovely tutorials in which is super easy to learn. my guru (and girl crush) <3

  10. I love your photography Alyse! I have pasta at least twice a week but have never braved homemade, must muster up the courage one day. I'm a pretty casual dresser, but I like being a bit extra now and then :)

  11. I am so jealous of that pasta! And I totally agree about your stance on photoshoots, I only charge people who come to me for photoshoots. And even then, I don't always charge haha.