Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday #47: Cherries, Red Lips, and Music

Lumière & Lens, flatlay, cherries, fresh fruit

Guess what, lovelies?  Cherries are finally in season!  When I was a child, my mother and I would be the only ones to eat them which was fine by us.  By the way, it's Mother's Day!  I called both mamas this morning -- in a perfect world, all my family would be just a short drive away.  I'm in Philadelphia for a friend's wedding next month so I'll get to see my mother, if just for a weekend.

Moving on: this week has been filled with bacterial protein expression, frustrating science, and live music.  I have a coal mining documentary on while I draft this post, cup of tea at my left hand, and polished nails drying.  Color?  Red, red, red.  Theme of the week!



Roberta got some free tickets to see PJ Harvey at The Greek Theater in Griffith Park on Friday.  Neither of us had listened to her before, but we were game to go to LA to round out the week.  Since we don't get to dress up for work (labs ruin nice clothes), we went all out with red lipstick.  We arrived at Griffith Park hours before the show so we laid in grass before grabbing dinner at Puran's Restaurant (highly recommend).  Roberta got the chicken soup and I had the bolognese so our bellies were quite happy!

Lumière & Lens, PJ Harvey
Roberta wears MAC Chili.  I wear MAC Russian Red.  PJ Harvey wears pure power.

We were in for a real treat with PJ Harvey.  For one, the band sounded better live than on the record.  They had so much palpable passion and energy.  I was blown away by PJ Harvey herself; she is a magnetic, talented, and explosive powerhouse of a woman and musician.  I was astounded at the big voice that came out of her and her ability to seamlessly switch between vocals and saxophone.  After the show, we urban hiked out of Griffith Park and grabbed a ride home.  It was an AWESOME Friday.



There is a yearly band competition at my university.  For the third year in a row, my boyfriend and friends entered.  They didn't place in the finals on Saturday (but they should have!), but everyone had a good time anyways.  I was in Photography Heaven because I had so many subjects to photograph that day.  I got on my butt near the stage to get some of the pictures.  I didn't really care how stupid I looked because the angles were good!  By the end of the afternoon, my wrist was sore from holding my camera with the zoom lens.   Aahhhh, labors of love.  If you're interested, here they are from last year

Lumière & Lens, Lumière & Lens Photography, Live Music
Alpine Ibex takes the stage.
Lumière & Lens, Lumière & Lens Photography, Live Music
The banjo and bass players.
Lumière & Lens, Lumière & Lens Photography, CandidA candid peek at Liz during a conversation.
Lumière & Lens, Lumière & Lens Photography, Couple Photography
Nick and Alexandra have a moment as they watch performances.
Lumière & Lens, Lumière & Lens Photography, Live Music, Banjo Player
Main squeeze on the banjo.
Lumière & Lens, Lumière & Lens Photography, Live Music, Rock
I don't know this person, but he was very intense.

I was editing for about two hours in the evening to share the pictures on Facebook with friends and family.  By the way, I'm back on that social media platform after declaring my exit.  I'm keeping the account very small (pretty much closer friends and family) and liberally turning off notifications to curate the space to my own preferences. 



Late this afternoon, I'm meeting up with someone to do a second series of headshots.  I'm going to try to fit in an ab workout to round out my 4X/week exercise routine.  There's also a lot around the house I want to get done.  Thankfully, it's still early enough in the day that I'm not panicking!  Hope you all had a great week!



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•  I posted a photoshoot of one of my favorite models.  Leave some love? 


  1. Yay Sunday post! It's so weird that it's *not* Mother's Day here when everywhere else is celebrating it... Seriously love your red lipstick / look you had on! Also mmmm cherries, one of my favourite fruit - after I discovered that the sweetened cherries were in fact, not real cherries!

    Really enjoyed your picture set too - especially the ones by the stairs! The light! So great to see you trying out new projects with different people :) I think I'd like to do that more too - getting behind the camera for once, ha!

  2. yay cherries! i love cherries but dammit they are always overpriced here. i cannot! the battle of the bands looking so fun too. i used to watch similar event back in high school days. your photos made me miss those times!

  3. You are rocking that red lip girl, love! Ohh you got me craving cherries now, I usually go for blueberries and raspberries. Sounds like you had a fab time at the concert and great snaps of the bands - its fun when you have good subjects to shoot!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  4. Yes I love cherries! Sounds like you've had a fun week. Hope the photoshoot went well!

  5. Ohh, cherries! This post is so cheerful and full of excitement. Favourite line: "Roberta wears MAC Chili. I wear MAC Russian Red. PJ Harvey wears pure power." haha!!

    I am never on Facebook anymore these days. It's a good thing, I don't like the way that people 'keep tabs' on everyone that way. And I feel really unproductive and unhappy when I'm using it. I have bookmarked the "What I No Longer Need" post and I've put Marie Kondo's book back on my re-read list.

  6. I adore cherries (cherry flavoured everything please!) and PJ Harvey...I used to love her so much when I was in university - she's just the coolest woman. Sounds like a really lovely week, I hope this week is just as awesome!

  7. Yes cherry season!!! I saw that photo with your red lipstick on Instragram and fell in love! I am now considering having a look at it in MAC stores now.

    I also didn't know you worked out 4 times a week!

    nat // dignifiable

  8. I love your Sunday posts! I wish I liked cherries... the first time I ate it, didn't like so I avoid them altogether :(

    cabin twenty-four

  9. Red is a good theme to have, and cherries are wonderful. It sounds like you've had a lovely (and musical) time. Your photos are just gorgeous, and I'm checking out the photo shoot immediately!

  10. I love how spring is also fruit-blooming season! Going to Philadelphia sounds extra special with attending your friend's wedding and visiting your mother :). Hope you'll have fun!

    It's cool that you got free tickets to see PJ Harvey. I love that feeling of being able to go all out XD. Even though your boyfriend's band didn't place, at least everyone had fun! The angles of the pictures are on point. Hope you'll have a great week!

  11. I love a good red lipstick. It just enhances your entire outfit and attitude. It's great you got some good snaps at the at the band comp. It sounds like it would have been a fun experience to capture.

    Emily |

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