Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday #48: Generous Helpings

Hello, everyone, how were your weeks?  Mine has been a mix of ups and downs.  I'm mid-synthesis in lab, waiting for reagents to arrive, and we're having to do troubleshooting for our biology work.  As for the better moments?  I got to take some coffee/lunch breaks with good people this week, shared a post on self-care habits, and closed out Friday with a concert in the park and dinner with labmates.  I've been a busy beaver!


I was invited along with my friend and her boyfriend to have lunch at Ginger Corner Market in Pasadena this week.  Ginger is one of those small sandwich shops with salads, coffee, and pastries.  It has quite a rustic, at-home feel to it (a very Instagram-friendly aesthetic, too, I might add).  I ordered what might quite have been the most delicious BLT I've ever eaten: generous helpings of candied bacon, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, all topped with a fried egg on sourdough bread.  I was so full from lunch that I didn't get one of their delicious looking pastries (they had a banana-Nutella turnover).  I'll be back, Ginger.  Just you wait and see!



I may have watched quite a bit of Netflix this week.  I started Ann With An E after a recommendation from Gina.  It's an adaptation of Anne of Green Gables and is one of the most feminist shows I've ever seen.  Definitely recommend it!  My boyfriend and I finished the second season of Master of None.  It's not as funny as the first, but watchable.  The story lines are very  . . . millennial appropriate.  I now have Riverdale on in the background and I'm loving it!  I read the Archie comics as a kid and I think they nailed the casting.  What I don't like is how all these "teenagers" are played by adults like all dramas.  I recall my shock at how all the teenagers looked younger, more awkward, and smaller in real life back when I started high school.  Did anyone else have that experience?



I sent off the finished photos for Grant from Lost Art Creative this week.  We did the shoot in Old Town, Pasadena.  I had a great time working and post-processing!  Every person I work with wants a different style of shoot, composition, and lighting.  As I've said before, every photo session is an opportunity to learn something and the model themselves can unknowingly be teaching a lesson.

Photographs of Grant.

Avi at Golden Photography is one of the first photographers I've ever followed on Instagram.  He is also a photographer based in Los Angeles and after communicating for several months, we got around to shooting in the city on Saturday.  I'm excited for the photos to come back because they're the best ones anyone has ever taken of me!  On top of that, it was so interesting to observe someone with a completely different aesthetic and view of photography.  It was a really fun Saturday afternoon!  I came away from both experiences with opened eyes on how much more I have to learn and to keep practicing.



•  Single and not looking by Jane.  Life doesn't need a relationship to be full.  She writes it so beautifully.
•  Feminista Jones opens a dialogue on how women are expected to appreciate compliments without agreeing.
•  Gillian started a series called the Freelance Diaries.  Read her first post on a peek into her week!
•  Just for fun: penmanship that is beautiful enough to make you weep.

It's Sunday afternoon now.  The California heat has set in,  I'm drowsy, and I have a lot of errands to run.  Tell me about your week in the comments and how your Sunday was?


  1. I watched the first episode of Ann with an E! I think the casting of Anne is perfect (although I must admit I am not massive fan of the novel).

  2. Oooh I used to love the Anne of Green Gables series when I was younger. It would be interesting to see how they have adapted it to the tv screen. I think it'll e fun being a photographer and learning how to adapt to each model's personal style. As you said, it'll be a learning curve every session. Also, thank you for the recommended posts. I found some great new people to follow. :)

    Emily |

  3. This is so interesting, this might have been the first time I visit your blog and I just fell in love with your photographs. Looks like you had random but exciting weekend. Anyway, my Sunday was definitely rough for me because there were problems at home but at the end of the day, I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers here in the Philippines, Kryz Uy. I'm still fangirling up to this moment.

    Love, Fads

  4. Excited to see photos of YOU! I've had an exciting but exhausting week - I was in France the last 5 days for a work conference and then spent the weekend in Paris exploring. My feet were/are so exhausted from all of it but it was great to have a break from London, and then home this Friday! YAY. I'm currently at work but trying so hard to stay awake zzz...

  5. Super excited to see the results from your shoot, A!! Sounds like a busy but fulfilling week - concerts in the park sound like a dream! x

  6. I've never heard of Ginger Corner Market! I'm meeting a friend this Friday after work, so I might just have to convince her to try this place out :) Sounds like you had a good week, Alyse - you definitely deserve it!

  7. Ginger Corner Market looks really neat! I like how it's not in one of the main streets like Lake Ave. It's awesome whenever the food preps are generous with bacon ;). I'll try to give this a visit one of these days!

    I heard of Master of None but haven't checked it out yet. I had the same thought but in the middle school phase. I remembered everyone looking like babies but they look a lot older these days? Though, I see a handful of them wearing makeup already.

    The first shot of Grant looks really neat where it looks like the sun is outlining him!

  8. o man, i need those ginger pastries. glad you've been busy and productive! can't wait to see your shots! x