Monday, June 12, 2017

Sunday #49: Return From Philadelphia

Hello, friends!  It feels good to be doing a Sunday post again after two weeks off.  I've spent most of my weekdays (and most of my Saturday) catching up on work.  I got back into Los Angeles late Monday night and it's been a long week.  As I bang this out before bed, I'm pretty knackered and ready to turn in! 


A good friend of mine from undergrad had his wedding in Pennsylvania on the weekend of the 4th!  We couldn't make it out for more than a few days, but we got to stay with my Mama.  The wedding was a lovely affair that mixed two families' religious traditions.  It was surreal to see my friend from many years ago at such a place in his life.  They grow up so fast, right?  I am happy they found their soulmates in one another. 

Aside from the wedding, I spent as much time with my mother as I could; she only gets me once a year, usually.  As she specifically requested that I keep her off social media, I can't share any pictures of her or the wedding (respect privacy!).  Instead, I will show you the ones taken in the suburbs of plants and me with my boyfriend.  My Mama's a pretty decent photographer, isn't she?  She took the photo of us!  Apparently, we're poor models and stiff as boards.  

My parents don't speak English so we've relied on phone calls to keep in touch.  I am pretty awful at phone calls so while I was in Philadelphia, I set up WeChat.  We can now leave each other audio messages like texts.  Pretty neat!  I miss my family a lot so it's a good way to hear their voices from so far away.  I also have my #1 fan (Mama) to whom I can send my selfies.  It's a good life.  


I "finished" my work for the week on Saturday night in preparation for meeting my boss on Sunday.  The meeting was fairly productive and I met up with my friend Nicole afterwards.  We went to the Westfield Santa Anita Mall out in Arcadia which some of you have also frequented!  You know of whom I speak.  *WINK WINK*  We got lunch at Din Tai Fung and then did some shopping without our boyfriends (who hate shopping) in tow.  Your girl had a little #TreatYoSelf day at NYX, Nature Republic, Muji, Lush, and the candy shop.  WHOOOPS.

In the evening, I had a photoshoot with my friend Roberta.  We've been planning this for weeks and I had a blast shooting on her roof.  Afterwards, she made me a dinner of pasta with oxtail meat sauce, all completely from scratch, followed by macarons for dessert.  I felt 100% spoiled by her caring and kindness.  

Seeing girlfriends was a nice day to end my week.  I also had lunch with my friend Liz this past Wednesday at one of our favorite sushi places after many weeks apart!  Amidst the deadlines, stress, and work, good friends/company make a gigantic difference in lifting a person up.

Your turn!  Tell me about your weeks, your company, and what you're looking forward to in the next seven days! 


  1. You sound so upbeat in the post! Glad it was a fun one, especially getting to see your mama! I love WeChat and the audio messages function, I see people on the street using it all the time and putting the phones to their ears to listen to it, haha.

    Also oooooh, you're showing us what you got from your shopping spree, right? ;-)

    My week was good and ended a bit meh - I spent the first half at home (yay) but had to fly back Wednesday night and got in at 7am to go to work :( Weekend was spent getting over my jet lag! Hoping I have more exciting plans this week! My mum already sent me a photo of her dinner tonight which is making me homesick again, haaa.

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

  2. You know what after reading this post... pretty convinced we've walked by each other once or twice already xD I love Santa Anita Mall although I feel that they've changed so much since I first step foot in it. How was Muji?? I am on love with their pens; I know they sell other things but I usually just hang out where the pens are hehe.

    Glad you had a good time in Philadelphia and you got to spend some time with family ♥

    I'll be in San Francisco the week so prepare to have your Instagram feed & stories bombarded with posts from me!!

    cabin twenty-four

  3. Welcome back from Philadelphia! It's great that you got a chance to see a good friend getting married! Even more that you spent a good amount of time with your mom. The picture of you and your boyfriend is cute! I can't get over how amazing the flowers look.

    I love the Santa Anita Mall! Have you been to South Coast Plaza? It's really nice of Roberta to make you some pasta for dinner! Glad to see you enjoying your time lately!

    As always, I will be at work this week XD. My fun is coming by next week when I get to social my way into some facilities... Or at least try to!

  4. so i mistook the wedding and thought you had the wedding instead (amen?). glad you had a lot of fun in philadelphia! me and my fam only use whatsapp for contact. i wanna teach dad to use line but istg i can't imagine the arrays of stickers he gonna sent me haha. stickers are great imo. my dad is just more expressive with emoji