Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday #50: New Horizons

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Bonjour!  This week, I've been a tad addicted to French macarons.  After having them for several days in the row from bakeries, I settled for the frozen ones from Trader Joe's.  DANGEROUS DECISION.  I'm currently doing a lot of writing so I've been eating my weight in these French cookies with Gossip Girl playing in the background.  There are far less pleasant ways to work, I think!  It's currently Sunday morning in Los Angeles and I'm writing this now while nursing a cup of coffee.


When Roberta made dinner last week, she prepared a salad of greens, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, olives, and dill that was dressed with olive oil and vinegar.  It was simple, but amazing, and the dill was a surprise touch.  I've been recreating this salad at home a lot.  It's light, but filling and a healthy counterbalance to all the sweets I've been consuming.  Anyways, I want to eat more salads and vegetables this week before I go to Alaska for vacation.  No one ever eats healthily on vacation so I have to pregame my vitamins NOW.


I turn another year older this coming Friday, but I probably won't be celebrating much on the day because I'll be busy packing to leave for Alaska in the morning!  Roberta asked how I wanted to celebrate and I suggested a low key dinner, especially as we didn't get a chance to celebrate hers earlier in the month.  We went to Bottega Louie (surprise, surprise) and enjoyed a meal of tagliatelle bolognese, brussel sprouts with pistachios, fried calamari, and yes, macarons.  Good food and company for the soul!  Afterwards, we walked to Upstairs, a rooftop bar in Downtown Los Angeles.  We breathed in the night air and looked out on the skyline before catching an Uber home. 

The Upstairs Bar, Los Angeles, Rooftop Bar


My friend Eric goes to an improv group on Wednesdays and invited me along this past week.  Acting is something that I've always thought would be fun, but I'm far too self conscious to try it!  I mean, my presentations/talks only go well with a lot of practice.  I went to the improv group with the intent to watch, but they required everyone to participate.  It turned out to be a lot of fun!  At first, I was self-conscious and held back, but decided to just go with it.  It was a great way to break out of my comfort zone, to think on my feet, and learn a different type of cooperation in a team.  I'm definitely going back in a few weeks!


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  1. I've seen macarons in Trader Joe's but haven't gotten a chance to try them out yet! I know I'll get addicted to them if I start ;). It's sweet of Roberta to make you dinner! The salad looks delicious!

    Happy early birthday, Alyse! June babies ftw. Bottega Louie is such a wonderful place! Their baked goods look so aesthetic. Glad you had fun hanging out and enjoying the view from the rooftop bar! Would you ever try sliding down the glass slides in the US Bank building?? I know I'm skipping out on that XD.

    It's great that the improv group got you to go out of your comfort zone and participate with everyone! Glad to hear it's something you're planning on going back to.

    Thanks for the link love! Have a great trip out to Alaska!

  2. Didn't realise you were heading to Alaska! Have fun! Can't wait to see your photos.

    Happy early birthday :)

    nat // dignifiable

  3. Oh my, Alyse! Those macarons from Trader Joe's are my favorites. Have you tried their super huge macarons? So rich but sooo good. A good treat every now and then :D

    Happy early birthday, sweet lady. I hope you have a lovely time in Alaska. Can't wait for posts :D

  4. Trader Joe's has frozen macarons? UM I need in on that. I hope you take plenty of gorgeous photos from Alaska! I've always wanted to go during Summer. I hope your trip is everything you could wish for!

    Also, thanks for the mention in your links. You're the kindest, seriously.

  5. Yay Alaska + happy birthday in advance! I have been loving your tweets about macarons as well... and of course you both looking great (who doesn't after food) :) enjoy your trip, and I'm sure we'll see some very cool photos!

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

  6. i found that the more expensive french macaron is, the better they taste. that is because i haven't had a good cheap one for a long time /sighs but damn i want one noooww :(

    alaska! how exciting! and i like your strategy to up your vitamin game before vacay. definitely a good decision. i hope everything is smooth sailing and fun. looking forward to your photos :)

    happy early birthday! will @ you again on twitter on D-day teehee <3

  7. improv <3 I had an acting lesson when I was in highschool because it was one of my interests. Acting is indeed fun but most of the time challenging. I would like to try improv one day though! Have a great time in Alaska :)

  8. Alaska sounds so interesting! i've never met anyone who's been there so I'm looking forward to your posts on that. Have an awesome time!

    Happy early birthday! And thanks for the shout out :)

  9. It's funny because I actually end up eating healthier on vacation! Haha, that should tell you how much junk food I eat at home. It's great that you had such a fun time at improv! I know a few friends who have wanted to try it but haven't actually gone yet. I hope you have a great time in Alaska (sounds very fun) & happy early birthday :)

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

  10. Those macaroons look incredible. Now I'm craving some, haha. A trip to Alaska sounds exciting and fun. Hope that you'll have a wonderful time there :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  11. Oh that salad looks amazing! Happy birthday to you, lovely lady! Hope you have a wonderful time in Alaska - how fun!! x