Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This year, I'm working on pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.  At the beginning of the year, I largely photographed friends and people I knew within the academic community.  However, as an artist and photographer with a love of portraiture, I'm always staring politely glancing at people, even in public.  When I was picking an outfit with D for a shoot, I noticed Niko working in the store so I asked him to model and he acquiesced!  (I get hard NOs or stipulations, too).

I'm always grateful when someone will model and give me their time.  Taking photos, editing, and sharing the final images is done purely out of passion.  One of my favorite parts of the photoshoot process is finding the perfect images that capture a sliver of time or a microexpression.  I don't believe in people being "photogenic"; everyone has a good angles and beauty if you are just patient enough to find it!

As I photographer, I am beginning to understand why fashion magazines look for such tall models.   Working with D and Niko has helped me see what it's like to having the skeletal structure to fill up a frame.  It has also made me realize how much focus I put on the face and upper part of the model's body.  As I've said, every shoot is a learning experience.  The next thing I want to work on are compositions with the entire body in frame!

If you want to see more, visit my Instagram page @lumiereandlens!  Let me know your thoughts?


  1. I have loved being part of your journey with your weekly posts and seeing you grow your portfolio. Also so much respect that you have the courage to ask strangers to model!

    Nat // Dignifiable

  2. This is so nice to see you growing your photography work, these photos are great - I like the full frame :)

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  3. Ah, you wrote it beautifully, that everyone has a beautiful side, but it simply takes patience to find it! You're definitely an amazing photographer with a great passion and spirit for photography. Love these photos and edits and wow, thatd take me quite some courage to go up to strangers to photos, hehe. But I can't believe people would turn down the requests- they're missing out.. look at these beautiful photos! Following and excited for future posts. Would love it if you'd like to check out my blog and provide my sister with photography tips hahah.

    Simplee Nikkie
    I'd love to follow each other! :)

  4. These turned out really well! I love that you've been approaching strangers for photos.

  5. This is awesome! I love that you'll ask strangers to model. I wish I had the confidence to do that. Your photos are so fantastic, and I can see how much you've grown artistically this year alone!

    And I agree; everyone has good angles and beauty. An artist can bring that out of anyone and anything.

  6. Really great photos! It's great that you are learning something new with each photoshoot.

    Emily //

  7. Aw haha I love that you stare down, I mean *politely seek* prospective models! Not everyone has friends who care to be photographed, so I admire your forward mentality. I hardly ever photograph portraits, which means I never get practice which means I suck! And it's no wonder all desired models are tall! I never understood that it meant they filled the frame better, but it makes sense!! Thanks for sharing!

    Simply Lovebirds

  8. I'm about to give such a biased opinion because you know how much I love your work! ♥ I think it's a beautiful thing that you're always learning something new in this field of photography. Also, it's funny you should mention being photogenic and having angles - my mom and I were just talking about this earlier on our afternoon walk. We talked about how she was photogenic and I wasn't (if it wasn't too obvious, I'm VERY awkward). But I think you do have a point, it shouldn't just be about being photogenic or not, gotta find those angles!!

    Can't wait to see more of your future work :D

  9. It's great that you've been pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Look at you with all of these photo shoots with people you met outdoors! I'm sure you've made these models' day by making them feel confident about themselves! Niko looks great and glad to hear you learning different ways to capture their great sides!