Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday #52: Branching


This Sunday post opens with a self-portrait I did this week.  I went to a conservatory-type high school where they taught the Art Majors, "If you don't have a subject, you always have yourself."  Here's one of the few that worked out!


Nancy, Eena, and I live relatively close to each other in Southern California. We're always on each other's blogs and coincidentally in the same areas a lot. On Friday, we had a little meetup. It was my first time meeting anyone from the blogosphere (thank you to Nancy and Eena for setting this up)! We ate yummy food and just chatted away. We could take pictures of our food and each other without thinking it was weird. You know, #justbloggerthings! 

Something I love about the blogosphere are the voices of other women, especially those from my ethnic background, who are not often present in mainstream media.  It was just as wonderful to meet these women in real life as it is to read their writing on my screen.  There's something surreal about the instant recognition of someone after reading their blog for so long.  Has anyone else felt that?  In any case, I had a great time hanging with Nancy and Eena! 


Last week, I gave a girl my contact information after seeing her in a restaurant because I wanted to photograph her.  Meeting new models that don't attend my university means I have to put myself out there.  My last two shoots are with people I've met in Old Pasadena who I thought would be amazing models (and they were!).  I'm putting together a post about my recent shoots so stay tuned!  I have to say that photography brings so much more emotional fulfillment to my life.  Not only do I get to spend time doing what  I love, but I also make new friends and have new adventures.  No joke, I meet some of the sweetest people!  I'm not making money at the moment, but I am loving the photography I get to do!  Pursuing this is also an exercise in putting myself out there to make things happen.  


I've spent a chunk of the weekend revising some writing I am doing for lab.  I also got the chance to head out on Saturday with a friend and my boyfriend.  We finished out the week with a delicious dinner at a Japanese BBQ place.  As for right now?  I'm going to get ready for bed because my eyes are closing as I type this.  Hope you all had a good week.  Tell me about it?


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  1. I initially thought you had dyed your hair a dark purple!

    I am glad that you guys got to meet up! I definitely can relate to the surreal feeling; it almost feels like a meeting someone on a blind date except you know them.

    It is Monday for me and honestly, last weeks feels so long ago. Pretty chilled week which is unusual for me!

    nat // dignifiable

  2. Omg you met Eena! I'm so jealous and happy! I admire your courage to meet new models. I could never do that. I'm pretty awkward :)

  3. Your hair and eyeliner though. Insert heart-faced emoji here.

    Even if your photography is not monetised at the moment, it's obviously a passion of yours so pursuing it is so important! I think it's great how you put yourself out there to find new models. It is a simple thing to do but it can be so daunting approaching a stranger. Do you use business cards or just exchange information?

    Emily |

  4. So awesome you guys met up! That would've been heaps of fun. Looking forward to seeing your latest photography projects :)

  5. Hi Alyse! Like I sain in Eena's blog post, it's so cool that you guys were able to meet up! My husband and I are always in Monrovia (we're from San Diego, by the way) because we have friends there, and I realized that Eena lives close to that area, too!

  6. I love the pictures you take. The settings and posture are ON POINT, GIRL!!!!

    I had a great time with both you and Eena! I love how we easily connected and enjoy some delicious munchies. We definitely need to meet again (and include any LA bloggers)!

    Now I can read your posts with your voice XD.

    It's cool that you're reaching out to people outside of school for photo shoots! Definitely looking forward to your upcoming shots. You enjoy photography as a hobby so it makes sense to not accept money at the moment. It's a good way to practice and improve!

    Keep on powering through your doctorates! :)

  7. It's awesome you guys got to meet. I met a couple bloggers a long time ago. Sadly I find very few people live near me.

  8. YAAAAAASSSSSS i love it when my fave bloggers meet up. it must've been wonderful! and gosh, gave out your name card is such a daunting task but i'm glad you did it! can't wait to see everything you took :D <3

  9. It makes so happy to hear how you enjoy photography so much and putting yourself out there to ursue your passion :) Your photos are always so stunning! I know what you mean about meeting up with bloggers, it's like catching up with old friends because you been reading and following their lives for so long!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  10. IT WAS SO NICE MEETING YOU & NANCY, ALYSE!! Soon soon again :D Hope you're having a good week lady!

    cabin twenty-four

  11. I just got off Nancy's blog, only to read about it on yours too! :) (I've mostly been a lurker)