Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday #58: Heaven Is A Place On Earth With You

Snapshot from a botanical garden.

I'm on a real Lana Del Rey kick this week, loves, in case you can't tell from the title today.  I've always liked her and I've had her new album Lust for Life on repeat which means my house got to hear me belting her all of Saturday morning.  Sorrynotsorry.  Am I listening to her as I sit in my office this Sunday?  Yes, I am.


My social life is very touch and go at the moment.  I think the social lives of most people go right into the la basura towards the end of their degree programs because there's simply too much to do.  Not to mention that our stress levels rise through the roof!  Any social outings have consisted of spontaneous food and coffee breaks!  I haven't seen my friend Ana in quite a long time; we had planned to do a coffee/study date, but I was caught up in the frenzy of cell work so it turned into dinner.  We went to Bone Kettle in Pasadena for meat and bone broth (Go. There. Now.) before ending the night watching The Big Sick at my house with my roommates.  Oh, we might've squeezed in a quick Sephora detour somewhere in the night as well because, you know, that's important.  As always, time with Ana is relaxing and full of good vibes!

Me and bb!


My friend's baby turned one this week so a whole bunch of us went to his birthday party this weekend.  I've never been to a birthday party for a baby, let alone shopped for one, so Friday evening was spent at Westfield Santa Anita mall with a friend picking out presents.  After perusing a whole bunch of stores, we settled on some stuffed animals from the Disney store.  Every kid likes Disney, right?  At the party, we had a lovely homecooked Chinese dinner, played with the baby, and generally, had a really great time.  There's something beautiful about the pure joy and excitement of a tiny human!  By the way, I learned that running after and watching a one-year-old is a lot of work.  My upper back is a little sore now from doing the elevator with the baby!


Other highlights from the week: (a)  I reunited with a friend who I met during graduate school visiting weekends about five years ago.  She's completed her doctoral degree and is now a scholar at the university I attend.  It's nice to see another familiar face!  Also goes to show you how small the world of academia really is.  (b)  My new coworker and I have been hitting up the nearby bakery for macarons the entire week.  Delicious, sweet, probably fattening.  YOLO.  (c)  Watched The Imitation Game with my other half yesterday and we're going to have delicious steak for dinner tonight!

I've been trying to catch up with your blogs -- forgive me if I'm spacey or miss posts!  I don't get as much time as I'd like to get on here nowadays.  Certainly, my time for creative photography has suffered as well hence the paucity of posts!  Just to change it up a bit, this Sunday's question is: What's the song you've had on repeat this week?


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  1. Loving the red lip! Best of luck with the tail end of your program. The end is near!

    Hmm it has been either Kesha "Learn to Let Go" or Morgan Evans "Kiss Somebody"

    nat // dignifiable

  2. I love that photo of you and Ana - beautiful ladies! Good luck with your work, we are right here with ya ;-)

    Hmm, trying to think of a song but don't think I have one on repeat much this week - usually it's on shuffle. But I was repeating Lana's album a month back too, she's the bomb diggity.

    Cherie ✿

  3. you look so so flattering with red lips. i hereby demand you to wear it in every shots ugh. i'm in love! <3 there's nothing better than hanging out with a friend and just sinning together lol my great kind of recharge!

    i need to check out lana's new album. i haven't listened to anything other than my old playlist for quite a while! so behind in everything ugh. i hope you're doing better and well, alyse! <3

  4. I haven't listened to the new Lana album yet. Maybe I should get on that? I'm going through your recommended reading now, and that first article is fantastic! I had to actually open my Spotify app to see what I've been listening to lately, and apparently it's not anything specific, but the "Peaceful Piano" and "Autumn Classical" playlists from Spotify. Anyway, I hope you have a great week, and I hope you get to spend some more time with your friends. Unwind a bit!

  5. Ah, Alyse. You look absolutely gorgeous with that red lipstick on - okay but when are you no gorgeous, soooo. I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you. And I know you're super busy what with everything coming to an end soon, but don't forget to take some me time, girl!

    cabin twenty-four

  6. Your friend Ana looked soo familiar to me, then I realized that you had photographed her before haha. I probably saw it on your Instagram or blog? Shopping for babies is fun but kinda hard because you never know what is appropriate! Also it appalls me to spend like $20+ on little baby clothes when I hardly spend that much on myself, hahah. Hope you are feeling less stressed this month!

    Kim //

  7. You’re getting so close to the end of your degree program! Hope you’re treating yourself as much as possible because you deserve it after all of your hard work! You are totally rocking your leather jacket 150%! Can’t believe the weather is finally cooling down! YaaaAAaaAS every kid loves anything from the Disney store XD. Glad to see you doing better now!

    Man, it’s always great to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in forever! YAS GET THAT MACARON!!!!