Saturday, January 20, 2018

Der Wolf

Hello, friends.  This is my first photoshoot of the year, featuring Niko, who has graced this space before!  I haven't had much time to use my camera so it almost felt like getting reacquainted with my metal box.  We made plans to take photographs and it was a very relaxed afternoon.  We visited some places in Pasadena and got shutter happy.  I tend to forget how tall Niko is which can be a small challenge on a crop sensor.  When I had finished taking photographs, Niko picked up the camera and got a few of me goofing around (you'll see some on the Sunday post!).  Anyways, I'll let the images speak for themselves because this photoset doesn't need to encompass verbosity.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Girl, you know how to do photography properly... LIKE A BOSS! It's great that you got to spend time outside the lab and capture some legit shots in. Even more cool that Niko got some pictures of you as well ;). Niko looks 110%

  2. My first thoughts were, omg this guy is soo tall, hahah! Great photography!