Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday #63: Et Voila

Photography by Nikolas.  Post-processing by self.

Bonjour mes amis!  I hope this Sunday finds you well.  If it's your first time or a while since you've been to this space, you'll see some visual changes have been made to Lumière & Lens.  Sometimes, a tweaking of the theme and spacial aesthetics can reinvigorate one's blogging mojo.  With the new theme comes updated an updated profile photo (taken by my friend Niko).  The last thing I want is for one of you to bump into me and say, "Wow, you look NOTHING like the pictures."  


I procured a new Moleskine notebook for bullet journaling at the end of 2017 after accidentally setting my old one on fire.  Yes, that happened.  That'll teach me to set a notebook down after forgetfully lighting a candle.  To be fair, I was caught up working that night.  This is the notebook I purchased to replace it.  I've been fairly dedicated about keeping this updated over the past two months.  I have a habit tracker, my weekly to-do lists, my food and exercise tracker, notes, and a lot of doodles.  

After discovering bullet journaling videos on YouTube, I've started to practice brush lettering (or my version of it) and yearly layouts such as the calendar shown above.  Some layouts (such as my weekly lists) are far more functional whereas things like the calendar are more aesthetically pleasing.  However, I find the whole process of creating a layout, putting down lines, and adding color to be soothing.  This is definitely a habit I'll keep up this year.  I also want to add that having a bullet journal has really helped me keep track of tasks and increased productivity.  I do believe I've crossed off everything in my to-do lists this week!


I had a major deadline in the middle of January that has finally passed.  I've taken this week easier since I've not had a proper day off (with the exception of being too sick on New Year's Day to go into lab).  This week, I've finally been able to make some time to see friends, to squeeze in a shoot, and to work up my backlog of old shoots.  However, life, work, and science continues to move with no regard for your personal schedule so I have more tasks to add to my docket.  Somewhere in here, I have to write my thesis, which must get done in six weeks.  All doable, right?  All eustress.  I personally think it's better to have a lot to do rather than twiddling my thumbs in idleness.


This weekend has been spent in sweatpants, makeup-free, and with good food.  My friend and I made dinner together on Saturday (cacio e pepe!) and I've been eating leftover meat and cheese today.  I plan to finish out my weekend with a lot of scientific literature reading.  I might meal prep as well and do a workout (this is less likely).  This upcoming week is going to encompass a lot of tasks so it might not be a bad idea to enjoy the last few hours of my weekend while I still have them.  What did you get up to this weekend?


❀  Self-plug: I wrote a post on tiny luxuries this week and shared a photoset from my first shoot of the year.
❀  TV series: The End of the F***ing World.  Movie: Dallas Buyers Club.  Both are on Netflix (USA) now.
❀  Voila by Francoise Hardy.  Just give it a listen. It's from the soundtrack to TEOTFW, which is amazing.
❀  Michelle inspired me to get moving and exercising.
❀  This powerful statement by Aly Raisman.


  1. I love how sleek you look! You always look 100% like your pictures so it's all good ;). Your bullet journal looks legit! Love how neat it looks. Oh man, I hope nothing else got burned from that incident!!!

    Congrats on powering through your January deadline! So glad you got to squeeze some fun time into life. WAITING FOR YOU TO GET THAT PHD!

    Sounds like you had a delicious weekend ;). I got up to another week of Disneyland this weekend, haha. Have a great week! ♥

  2. LOL oh my gosh I can't believe you set your notebook on fire! Your bullet journal looks nice. I admire people who put a lot of work into theirs. I have the worst handwriting skills so I haven't even bothered to try haha.

  3. Same with Jane, I can't believe you actually burned a book. Too good. Your bullet journal looks so nice, love the calendar months... I'd be too much of a perfectionist if I started a bujo so probably won't be starting any time soon. But brush lettering is something I hope to work on more this year!

  4. I love that picture of you at the top! You are the prettiest, Alyse! And I'm so sorry you set your previous journal on fire but hey, Moleskines are great. Check out HomeGoods sometime, they usually have bullet journals there for dirt cheap.

    Anyways, so so so so excited for you to get your PhD! ♥

  5. o______o sorry you got your journal on fire! but i believe you'll be having your journaling spirit back on track. you did so well <3 and good luck with PhD! GEDDIT GURL. you're such a goals <3

    ps. YOU LOOK HELLA PRETTY AAAA /squish and smooch <3

  6. I'm intimidated to start a bullet journal. It feels overwhelming to me. I have a planner that I've been using for over ten years now (Gallery leather) that keeps me organized for both work and my personal life so I think I'm going to stick with it.
    Plus my handwriting sucks.

    P.s. You looks so bad**s!

  7. I bought a bullet journal this year too! The grids/dots help keep my handwriting level and neat. Also I love your new blog look!

  8. Love the blog and your photos are always just SO good! I can't wait to continue to practise more photography this year - always inspired by you. Your new profile pic looks great too!

  9. Oh mannnn, I LOVED THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD! I still have to watch the Dallas Buyers Club but it's not on Netflix NL right now :(
    I really commend you for your bullet journal endeavours. It looks so pretty but so daunting ._.