Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tidepools and Anemones

Seal Beach, La Jolla

As mentioned in my Sunday post, I went to La Jolla, CA over the weekend.  I brought my DSLR with me because it's been neglected while I work.  The pictures I'm sharing today will be of the La Jolla coast.  If you haven't guessed by now, I love cold, the water, and being surrounded by a marine environment.  It's natural for humans to be calmed by the sea, isn't it?  Rather than filling this post with my verbosity, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Succinctly: here are the moments I captured while tidepooling, walking the coast, and stopping by Seal Beach.  Hope you enjoy!  

Hermit crabs.
Dive shoes for tidepooling.
Lone white crane at low tide.

Close up of barnacles.
Barnacles and marine flora exposed at low tide.
Algae and sea anemone. 
Mussels and barnacles visible at low tide on private pier.
"God" rays.
Seal Beach, La Jolla.


  1. Being surrounded by water and nature always makes me happy! And your photos are gorgeous!

  2. The seals! There are so many of them. Gorgeous photos!

  3. La Jolla is so beautiful! I've never been to Seal Beach but I'd really like to now because these photos are gorgeous! Good for you for putting on dive shoes, Alyse! Gotta protect those feet!

  4. This was the perfect opportunity to bust out your DSLR! You found some amazing views! I didn't know there's a Seal Beach in La Jolla! Haha, got me confused for a second (thinking it's the Seal Beach closer to LA). Really cool that you had dive shoes!! I need to get myself some!


  5. Those rockpools are so awesome! So many cool creatures. The anemone is kind of freaking me out though LOL

  6. I've been LOVING these photos on Instagram. They really are so peaceful and beautiful. But of course, you always know what you're doing with your camera. Ugh, seriously though, I wish I could step into these photos. I'm dying for some sea.

  7. pls put these in your portfolio and do consider to be a wildlife photographer. preferably ocean wildlife because YOU HAVE THE EYES AND SENSITIVITY FOR IT. i love the anemone and barnacle shots! you are super talented, alyse! x