Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pike Place Market

I've officially lived in Seattle for about 3 weeks now and, being basic, I've been to Pike Place Market multiple times.  Situated close to downtown and by the water, Pike Place Market is one of the famous, and touristy, destinations in Seattle.  In fact, I've overheard people walking through the crowds whilst remarking, "Ugh, tourists."  I brought my camera with me when Ana came to visit me so I 100% acted the tourist.  I live here now, though, so do I still count?

Pike Place Market is, as the name suggests, a huge conglomeration of food and merchants.  What I love about the market is the amount of local, small businesses.  Whilst it's more expensive, I much prefer buying from small businesses over large corporations.  There are locally sourced vegetables, jams, olive oils, honeys . . . really, anything you can eat!  The merchants are happy to let you try their products, too. I walked away this week with some blackberry basil jam and honey infused with stems of lavender.  

I had to snap photos of the vegetable stalls because there were so many colors.  I definitely plan to come back in the future for some farm fresh greens.  There are also flower stalls at the market.  Tulips are in season and the flowers are so much cheaper than what you would buy at a chain grocery store!  I don't have a vase yet, but you bet I'll be back here when I get one.  Is there anything more beautiful and comforting to have in your house than flora fresh from the earth?

One of our last stops was the famous Gum Wall.  When I was last here with Olivia, she told me that the wall had been scraped clean last year, but you'd ever be able to tell!  Ana and I bought some gum, chewed it, and stuck it on the wall.  When in Seattle, right?  Would you have done the same?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love a good market! Well, I love eating my way through a good market. That gum wall though is... wow. Hope everything's going okay!

  2. First off, that's so nice of Ana to visit you in Seattle! Second, I love supporting local businesses - while they are expensive, the quality of their products are a lot nicer (in most cases, at least). I've been to Seattle only once before and we weren't able to visit Pike Place Market... that gum wall is interesting. I think there's one in San Luis Obispo, haha.

  3. I would love to come to Seattle one day and definitely visit Pike Place Market. I love going to markets when I travel. Even if it's more expensive, I just love taking photos and looking at what the farmers and locals sell.

  4. Ohhh, that market though! It might me touristy, but I love the feel I get from it. And those radishes look HUGE!! What a lovely place!

  5. No shame in acting like a tourist in your own city, haha! The market looks like it would be so much fun to walk around. That gum wall really is something... I'd never know it had been scraped!