Monday, May 28, 2018

Sunday #68: The Day After

This Sunday post is coming to you on a . . . Monday!  For my international readers, today is a federal holiday.  For me, it feels a bit like Sunday, but the culture of scientific academics is to work on all the holidays that fall on Monday.  I went to California to visit my partner this past weekend and flew back into Seattle today.  After resting, I finally made it into lab for a little bit.  I've also completed my weekly shop and meal prepped!  It's my goal this week to not eat out with the exception of my daily coffee. 


I'm in a long distance relationship now so I only get to see my significant other once a month.  I returned to California on Friday and had a wonderful weekend.  For once, I traveled without my laptop because I wanted to thoroughly enjoy my time off as well as staying present the whole time.  It was nice to be back in the California sunshine and in more subdued heat.  Thankfully, we were farther north than Los Angeles so the heat wasn't as oppressive and dry as SoCal!  We saw Deadpool 2 which I definitely recommend and went to the zoo.  In line with staying present, I didn't pull out my camera very much, but I took a few snaps at the zoo that I'll share here.


Two people who inspire me to read more are Jane and Nat.  I won't pull the "I don't have time to read" BS.  Frankly, I spend my decompression time watching Netflix and YouTube videos, i.e., rotting my brain.  I purchased a Kindle earlier this year with the intention to read more.  I haven't signed up for an account at the Seattle public library yet so I don't have easy access to free books.  However, I discovered Project Gutenberg which has thousands of free books!  They're mostly classic literature.  I started War of the Worlds this weekend which has been pretty good.  I'm making myself finish the book before I watch the movie.  Any book recommendations?


Work has started to pick up considerably.  I'm working on a few projects that require a lot of literature work, new training, and new techniques.  It's important that I stay focused and keep up my energy, but I've been struggling this past week.  Last Sunday, I had a hypoglycemic episode and just felt poorly as well as nauseated on and off all week.  This really affected my work performance, ability to exercise, and my overall productivity. 

One thing I've noticed is my tendency to eat carbs and not enough protein.  I'm always hungry and just feel like sh*t all of the time.  My partner made me a steak this weekend and I felt markedly better after eating it.  I know eating a vegan/vegetarian diet works for some people, but cutting down on meat always makes me feel weak.  I wonder if I'm iron deficient.  In any case, I need to look after my health a lot better which includes making sure I'm eating well and booking all my checkups soon.  "I love going to the doctor," said no one ever!  

Hope you're all well.  I'm currently unwinding with a cup of chamomile/lavender tea and I'm going to bed soon to get an early start in the morning.  Tell me about your week in the comments?


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  1. Your zoo pictures are so cute! I'm reading The Road Back by Erich Remarque at the moment which I'm really enjoying although it is a bit heavy. When it comes to iron, I was feeling so low on energy about a year and a half ago and so got a blood test. I was really low on iron and taking it made me feel a lot better! Hopefully your energy levels will pick up soon too x

    Anna // Zu Hause

  2. Loving your pictures from the zoo! I'm someone who also keeps resolving to read more but just binge watches Youtube videos and Netflix instead, haha. I have been making a habit of reading on my daily train ride though - I'm currently reading The Second Bakery Attack by Haruki Murakami. It's a collection of short stories and quite manageable, gotta take baby steps first haha!

  3. Memorial Day was a well needed day off and I'm glad you got to see your significant other! Sometimes I have a hard time carving out time to read but when I do it's so worth it. Right now I'm reading Victoria by Daisy Goodwin and it's really good. If you like thrillers, In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware was great too.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! i haven't been to the zoo in suuuuch a long time.
    To be honest I have been doing more brain-rotting Netflix watching than reading lately. I need to find a good book to get back into it!

  5. Welcome back to sunny side California (for that one weekend at least XD)! It's nice that you got to check out the zoo. I haven't been there in ages! I'm happy that work is settling for you. Hope you won't have that hypoglycemic episode again :(. Sending you all of the best vibes, Alyse ♥

    Nancy ♥

  6. Hahhaha, "Netflix and Youtube ie. rotting my brain"... I'm not so sure if that's all true. Sometimes you need that, right?? ;) Do you perhaps have a Goodreads-page? That always helps me with finding new books to read!
    And YES DEADPOOL2! I lol'ed so hard, what a brilliant film! I hope you had a good week this past week! :)