La princesa en el laberinto

Remember when I mentioned that I've had a 33% success rate in finding models in Seattle?  Here is Io, the 33%.  Turns out we'd been following each other on Instagram long before I moved here and I recognized her when I was out one day.  Of course, I asked her to model and one of the locations we at which we worked was Gas Works Park.  The park is host to a retired oil plant and now features green pastured hills with views of the Seattle skyline.  I was mostly drawn to the industrial backdrops which I think provides a nice juxtaposition of old:new and weathered:youth.

The first working backdrop was a set of stone arches which I used to frame the model.  As I was editing, I definitely got a feel of a princess in a labyrinth.  I'm trying to edit differently and get out of comfortable aesthetic habits.  I deliberately edited the first photograph in this post to be darker and more moody.  What are your thoughts?  Yay or nay?

We found some of the abandoned rigs and took photos there as well.  Like most people who grew up with it, I love America's Next Top Model and was always jealous of the cool backdrops on the show.  We got a lot more photos than are shown here, but I loved the old metal rigs!  My running joke was that everything in the park was pretty much walking tetanus. 

The last location at which we worked was by the water's edge.  The nice thing about Io is that she's game for anything and engages completely with her surroundings so she does things I wouldn't normally ask models to try.  Because of that, we got one of my favorite photos where she dangled over the water's edge!  Having a model who is so dynamic means I can focus most of my energy on framing and composition in place of directing.  For more, you can check out my photography Instagram, @alyseliangphoto, where I've posted additional images from this day in my feed. 


  1. I am loving the moody tones, and you've used the light so well here too :) I do like seeing you shifting to a more 'adventurous' (I guess?) style of shooting, compared to your early photographs of using a lot of natural light! I'm trying to experiment more with shadows these days, but it's kinda hard because everywhere is a open space here and it's hard to find buildings that have partial lighting like these...

    Cherie ✿ delicately.xyz

  2. These are gorgeous shots Alyse! It sounds like a really fun shoot, they all turned out so well.

  3. These are great shots, Alyse! I am definitely feeling the moody vibes and I can definitely feel the princess-y vibes in the first shot!

  4. These are some beautiful shots, Alyse! You really have a talent for photographing people, which isn't always easy :)

  5. You did such a good job with these! Definitely loving the darker tones in the first photo and the last shot is simply amazing. I'm hopping to your Instagram account right now!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me