Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday #71: Traces

Hello, friends!  First of all, I'm going to start this post off with an apology: I'm sorry I've been away for so long.  I keep saying I'll be back and blogging more, but time has flown by and before I knew it, two months have elapsed!  I've put most of my hobbies (including this blog) to the wayside in the past few months.  I know it's not quite balanced and something I need to work on.  A lot has happened in the past two months so I'll fill y'all in (if you're still even around this space).


I've lived in Seattle for nearly five months now.  I'm ashamed to say I haven't spent as much time exploring as I could have.  I'm familiar enough with the neighborhoods in Eastlake, South Lake Union, Downtown, and Capitol Hill, but could really do with venturing outside.  I've discovered a few local coffee shops I really such as Voxx, Armistice, and Caffe Ladro.  The photo above was taken at Armistice, where I set up shop both mornings this weekend.  There's no shortage of good specialty coffee shops and I'm aiming to visit as many as possible. 

There's a lot of cool things about living in Seattle.  Everyone says the summer is really nice though I'm not much a fan of heat.  However, with summer comes the South Lake Union Block Party which was closed out this year by one of my all time favorite bands, Built to Spill!  Back in LA, my partner and I would attend every show they played.  In Seattle, I saw this show alone.  I wished my partner could've been there, but it was still fun to go to a show alone, to dance, and sing to my heart's content.  I screamed when they closed with Carry The Zero.  Speaking of my partner . . . he's going to be visiting this weekend.  I'm going to aim for getting out and exploring more.  Maybe Discovery Park?


In June, I turned thirty years old.  Yep, dirty thirty!  Ana flew out to surprise me for the occasion, followed by my partner the week after, and many calls/texts as well as time spent with friends.  I felt so loved and really helped ring in a birthday I was dreading.  Nat even sent me a whale ornament!  People definitely joke and call me old now, but I can definitely feel my age (in a good way).  They say that your thirties are some of your best years and I'm hoping that's true.  Certainly, I feel a clarity of mind and understanding of myself that I lacked in my twenties.  I don't stress as much of the small stuff and despite having hard days from time to time, I've shifted my mindset to always look on the bright side.  I think I have greater stressors, but I'm also more content in my lifestyle.  There are some less fun sides to thirty such as a slowing metabolism and gaining weight, but I'll get to that in a future post! 


Something I've really neglected in the past few months has been doing creative things outside of science.  I don't draw, play guitar, or photograph much anymore.  It seems weird because creating is such an integral part of my existence.  I've been having a hard time finding models out here in Seattle.  On top of that, I'm so tired by the time I wrap up my day (the to-do list is endless) that I've been opting to vegetate with Netflix instead of productively relaxing!  The most "artistic" thing I do is my bullet journal which I've largely used for tracking rather than creating.  

In a bid to get the creative juices going, I've picked up this notebook from Anthropologie and just started doodling in it.  Whether it's lettering or composing shapes to fill a space, I want to get back into the habit of creating images.  I've reached out to models I've photographed to ask if I might use their faces as references for drawings!  

In the vein of being creative, I'm going to aim to be better at creating on this space, too.  I've embarked on changing my lifestyle so look forward to fitness and art posts!  Anyways, I'm off to clean my house because I'm just that exciting on the weekend.  Also to buy a new cord for charging my phone because I managed to snap the end off my current one.  


•  Kim's Convenience on Netflix.  Witty.  Funny.  Aware.  ASIAN REPRESENTATION.
•  White Mustang by Lana Del Rey.  So soothing.  So good.

If there's anything else you're interested in (if you still read here, that is), feel free to drop me a line in the comments!  What fun stuff have you gotten up to this summer?