Photo by Nik M.

Hello, bonjour, ni hao, good to meet you!  I'm Alyse J.X. Liang (Ph.D.), a postdoc and creative currently based in Seattle.

I am, amongst other things, a:

(i) scientist.
(ii) drip coffee addict lover.
(iii) fitness enthusiast.
(iv) city dweller (I've lived in Guangzhou, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles).
(v) photographer (Alyse Liang Photography) and self-taught guitarist.
(vi) loquacious introvert.

With that out of the way, dear reader, let me extend a warm welcome to Lumière & Lens!  I started this blog in 2015 as a creative space to explore my interests outside of academics.  My blog name means 'light and lens' -- light is important for any artist/photographer and I want to cultivate positivity whilst focusing on the brighter sides of life.

Not sure where to start? 

•  Alaska: a reader favorite photo diary.
•  Beauty: a side passion.
•  DIY Skincare: make your own facial oil.
•  Photography: a big impetus for the inception of L&L.
•  Recipes: quickly put-together meals.
•  Sunday: a weekly (optimistically) recap.

I hope you enjoy reading my corner of the internet as much as I do creating it!

Find me on Instagram:
Personal:  @lumiereandlens
Photography:  @alyseliangphoto
Fitstagram:  @achemistlifting

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