Photo by Nikolaos M.

Bonjour, ni hao, good to meet you!  I'm Alyse.  I am a:

• Scientist (Chemistry, B.Sc., Ph.D.)
• Freelance Photographer (Alyse Liang Photography)
• Amateur Guitarist + Athlete

Welcome to Lumière & Lens, my little space on the Internet.  You'll find posts on lifestyle, creative endeavors, fitness, and photography.  In general, I write about things I like, which include: drip coffee, pastries, meditation through exercising, creating, etc.  I've lived in cities my entire life, am a fairly kinetic person, and like to always be learning or doing something.  I spend the majority of my time doing science, but when I'm not, I am pursuing fitness or creating photography

Grab a cuppa and stay awhile!  I hope you enjoy engaging in this space as much as I do creating it.

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Photography:  @alyseliangphoto
Fitness:  @achemistlifting

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