Hello, I'm Alyse!  People also call me J.X.L., which are the anglicized initials of 梁静欣, my Chinese name.  I've lived in cities my entire life: born in Guangzhou, raised in New York City, and relocated to Philadelphia.  I now reside in Los Angeles County out in California where I am immersed in full-time pursuit of a PhD in chemistry!  Outside of science, I also pursue photography, art, and music (I play guitar and ukulele).  I love winter, rain, soft breezes, golden hour, pasta and the zen of a good photo session!

Lumière & Lens (est. 9/2015) is a personal lifestyle and photography blog.  Lumière is French for light.  My intent is to showcase photography, positivity and my life through the lens.  I share my personal ventures, artistic experimentation, and the lighter things in life!  I share a weekly Sunday series, portfolio work, favorite recipes, and my love for beauty.  I'm inspired by the world around me and my fellow bloggers!  I sincerely hope you enjoy this space as much as I do creating it.

 Portraits of the author on this page and the sidebar are by Ana P.