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Bonjour, ni hao, good to meet you!  I'm Alyse J.X. Liang (B.S.c. + Ph.D.), a postdoctoral scientist and creative based in Seattle, WA.  Welcome to Lumière & Lens, my little space on the Internet.  I created this blog in 2015 to explore my interests outside of academics, which is really a little bit of everything.

I am, amongst other things, a chemist by training who is learning biology.  I am a photographer (the blog name means light and lens).  I like drip coffee and London Fog tea lattes.  I consider the gym a meditative place and geek out over exercise.  I've spent my entire life in big cities (Guangzhou, NY, Philly, LA, Seattle).  I'm generally loquacious and always laughing, but deeply value my alone time.  I play guitar, but will likely never win a Grammy.  Like the sound of all this?  We'll probably get along.

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